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We all strive to do what we love, where there is a possibility to evolve and grow both professionally and personally and be recognized and complimented for our work. It gets to a point where we wonder if that is really happening. Regardless of the path we walk, technology always presents us with exciting opportunities and options ready to act upon or grab.

With the IT world constantly changing and innovating, developers, both new and experienced, need to stay progressive with their knowledge, explore technologies that have a promising future, practice-relevant solutions that motivate them, and play a critical role redefining or driving business growth forward.

For countless reasons, OutSystems proves to be an excellent option amongst the available enterprise web & mobile apps development platforms. It adopts low-code technology, which, as per Gartner, is the future of application development. In addition, OutSystems presents experienced and new developers with an opportunity to explore a platform that could be used excessively to build enterprise applications fast, right, and for the future. As a developer, if you learn the OutSystems’ low-code development platform today, by the time other professionals or companies adopt this platform, you will have gained rich expertise and experience to mentor budding OutSystems enthusiasts.

This article guides you about why you must invest time and energy into journeying to OutSystems.

OutSystems- The #1 low-code development platform

OutSystems is a modern enterprise application platform designed to accelerate the development of critical business applications and accomplish digital transformation goals.

But, this is not what you need to know about OutSystems. You want to know ‘Why amongst the ocean of low-code development platforms should I invest my time and energy in learning OutSystems? How relevant is OutSystems to my career and my future?’

Think of OutSystems as a developer’s dream platform. Why, you ask?

Let’s understand this with a story. There are two types of developers- professionals who have been coding software solutions for a long time and growing developers who are new to the software development industry and are waiting to add innovative IT products to their name. However, both these developers dread the long coding, deploying, and debugging hours. Both of them wished there was a platform or a solution that could code an entire application on their behalf, and all they had to do was sit back, relax, or maintain it. And if this platform were in any way in high demand by big-shot enterprises, they would love to learn this platform and make a career out of it. 

Well, OutSystems is that dreamy platform for developers. Not only is it increasingly being adopted by iconic and ambitious enterprises, but it reduces the need to hand-code innovative software solutions. It consists of a full suite of features, a single tool that does your Data Structures, Methods, User Interface, Libraries, DB Access, Integrations and APIs, a drag-and-drop interface to build apps visually, a marketplace to choose pre-built templates from, and everything else that adds to the comfort of a developer. All you have to do is visual programming with data flows for the functionalities that you want to add to your application and be able to extend with external integration for specific features . Sounds interesting, right?

OutSystems careers is equally opportunistic for professional developers with coding experience, budding developers or fresh graduates, or non-technical individuals who wish to make a career in application development and help companies achieve legacy modernization. The below are other compelling reasons why you must learn OutSystems:

  • Become an OutSystems Expert: Being relatively new to the market, there is a massive demand for professional and citizen OutSystems developers. 
  • Accelerated Career Evolution: An OutSystems developer can earn up to 40k/month at the start of their career and expect promotion to a team lead position within a year.
  • The future of development is low-code: Gone are the days when developers would spend months and years coding a single app. Now you can launch an app in days or weeks.  
  • A rich demand in the digital world: With several enterprises focussing on achieving digital innovation, low-code development as a general and technological movement will grow significantly.
  • A simple yet powerful platform: OutSystems is the only platform that combines the simplicity and power of low-code development to develop transformative business solutions.

How to get OutSystems certified?

An OutSystems career isn’t only about dragging-and-dropping functionalities to build a software application; it’s also about low-code programming and enterprise solution development at a speed the business demands. OutSystems certification program consists of two independent paths- developer and support engineer. Here we will discuss the scope of OutSystems certifications for developers.

There are three levels of OutSystems career certification, each involving mastering OutSystems technology in conjunction with modern software development practices to design and develop enterprise-grade web applications.

OutSystems Associate Developer: This exam is for individuals with little or no project experience. Developers learn how to code simple reactive web and mobile apps under the supervision of a professional developer. All you need is an open mind and a learning attitude to earn this certification. A candidate needs to pay the certification exam fee ($200) and pass the Associate Developer exam if they score a minimum of 70%.

OutSystems Professional Developer: This exam is for individuals with a minimum of 6 months of project experience as an Associate Developer who wants to build mission-critical business applications. The exam focuses on advanced development concepts like integration, architecture, and performance. A candidate needs to pay the certification exam fee ($300) and pass the Professional Developer exam if they score a minimum of 70%.

OutSystems Expert Developer: This exam is for experienced individuals who have worked as a Professional OutSystems Developer. The exam targets web developers who can design and architect high-quality software solutions. A candidate needs to pay the certification exam fee ($400) and pass the Expert Developer exam if they score a minimum of 70%.

OutSystems Mobile Developer Specialist: This specialization focuses on mobile app development topics and addresses Associate Reactive developers that wish to learn beyond the said fundamentals of developing native mobile apps with offline capabilities. A candidate needs to pay the certification exam fee ($100) and pass the Mobile Developer specialization exam if they score a minimum of 70%.

Recertification and certification validity

OutSystems Platform professionals must recertify to keep up with the current trends and best practices. To keep the certifications updated, professionals must recertify by either moving to the next level in their certification or recertifying the current level.

All certifications are valid for two years. Once the certificate expires, it will be suspended for 12 months. Individuals are advised not to use their certification designation until they renew it.

Why should you attend the Get OutSystems Certified DevCamp in the first place?

The OutSystems certification exams consist of multiple-choice questions and check a developer’s practical approach when faced with different coding scenarios to validate knowledge and experience level. Every certification exam lasts for two hours and has only one acceptable answer. Right answers are awarded whereas wrong answers do not carry any negative marks.

For students, freshers, and professionals eager to learn about new low-code development platforms like OutSystems, our free Get OutSystems Certified DevCamp is the perfect opportunity to understand more about Outsystems career, the exam pattern, the type of questions asked, and how to clear the certification exam in your first attempt. Our OutSystems Champion, Manish Gupta, leads this DevCamp and will help you achieve success in the OutSystems’ Associate Developer certification exam. His vast experience in preparing for these certification exams and clearing all levels will come in handy to you. He will discuss strategies and tactics to answer all the questions in time along with some sample practice papers to help you analyze your preparation level, weak points, and key focus areas. With his insightful knowledge about the OutSystems certification exam, you will be one step closer to becoming a successful OutSystems Developer.

What you’ll learn:

The OutSystems Certified DevCamp covers:

  • An introduction to OutSystems
  • Explore the various career paths associated with OutSystems 
  • Discuss Reactive Web Development & its prospects 
  • Hands-on training to help you get familiar with the platform 
  • Discuss the certification process, related topics & how to prepare for the exam
  • Provide study materials to prepare for the OutSystems certification successfully 
  • Discuss details about the revision sessions to help you with the final preparation

Our Speaker:

Manish Gupta is a dynamic young IT Professional whose strength lies in his rich exposure to working closely with several B2B enterprises across varied verticals. As an OutSystems Champion, he has successfully addressed the digital transformation goals of various clients and employed his business consulting & program management skills to help them accomplish their goals. Having cleared both the Reactive and Traditional Developer Certifications, he understands the greater possibilities associated with OutSystems and its potential in turning youngsters of today into tech leaders of tomorrow.

Post the DevCamp; you’ll be able to prepare efficiently for the Associate Developer certification exam, know the focus topics, receive study materials to deep dive into a conceptual and practical understanding of OutSystems and stay confident throughout the preparatory stage. In case of any doubts or questions, you can connect with our OutSystems Champion, Manish, via email ( If you’re looking for career opportunities that secure your future and have a passion for building innovative web and mobile enterprise applications, this DevCamp is for you. With OutSystems, you become one amongst a few developers charting the course of their future in the present.

Join us on 7 Aug 2021 at 10:00 AM (IST) to know everything an OutSystems certification can do for your career.

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