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Digital Transformation

Ranosys, a global OutSystems Partner, is organizing a free webinar- ‘Digital Transformation through Legacy Modernization’ on 19th May at 1:00 PM (ET). It invites prominent speakers like Rob Davis, Director- Growth and Alliances for North America, Ranosys, and Tony Ollivier, Product Marketing Manager, OutSystems. 

The Webinar approaches the issues surrounding legacy systems, the ability of legacy modernization to transform your business structure without disrupting its critical architecture, and how enterprises, in the modern age, can do so through a simple, powerful, and affordable platform- OutSystems. 


So, why do you need this webinar in the first place?

Digital transformation guides a new era of products, services, and experiences. It is why 93% of organizations plan to pursue digital business transformation, and 59% of organizations are already in Stages 2 and 3. 

However, organizations are still dependent on outdated and aging legacy systems that are expensive to maintain and slow to change. Traditional legacy systems and applications hamper the ability to deliver innovative products and services. Still, IT has to provide new apps to customers or partners. But they can’t do so with their legacy systems consuming a massive amount of time, budget, and resources.

Several reasons make legacy modernization a must:

  • Legacy gridlock slows down app development for IT organizations by 60%. 
  • They require high maintenance, as much as 70-80% of development efforts rather than innovating new apps and features. 
  • They add to doubt, uncertainty and require lots of support data. Over 14% of IT projects fail due to their legacy background. 
  • There is a rapid decrease in the talent required to maintain legacy systems.

Organizations need to measure the potential drawbacks of legacy systems to understand why modernization is imperative. But how can they overhaul core systems with all their associated apps and services and still maintain business consistency? 

The low code enterprise-grade power of OutSystems makes legacy modernization, digital re-platforming, and critical application development easier, faster, and future-oriented. It lets you experience the best of both worlds- build what you need, how you need it, and use the latest architectures and features for its development.

What you’ll learn

In this Webinar, the speakers address:

  • The importance of legacy systems and how the legacy transformation will help boost conversions across all platforms without disrupting critical business systems
  • Introduction to OutSystems: its low-code capabilities, service-oriented architecture, impact on team agility, and why it is the best full-stack development platform for legacy systems-related woes
  • The process and benefits of migrating from legacy systems using OutSystems
  • Explore areas where you can apply legacy modernization concepts 
  • Examples of how other organizations have achieved their digital transformation agenda with legacy modernization 

Tony Ollivier is known for his product storytelling abilities, one that transforms technical benefits into clear business value. As a Product Marketing Manager at OutSystems, he plays an integral role in driving the success of OutSystems products and services in the global market. A key speaker in this webinar, Tony, explains how companies can upgrade their legacy systems using the low-code abilities of OutSystems’ to achieve better security and a positive user experience.

Rob is known for executing strategies that have helped establish Ranosys’ lead in the eCommerce and Digital Transformation arenas, especially using low-code applications like OutSystems. His expertise has helped several organizations solve complex legacy challenges with low-code solutions while driving down development costs and accelerating development speed. It is his vision that has strengthened our strategic presence in the North American, APAC, and Europe region. His technical expertise about OutSystems and legacy modernization will come in handy to all the attendees who wish to improvise their legacy systems but don’t know how to approach that equation.  

Post the Webinar; the OutSystems experts at Ranosys can help define the scope of your legacy modernization, create an implementation roadmap based on your priorities, and leverage the low-code OutSystems capabilities. Our gradual, low-risk approach focuses on innovating the legacy system to ensure future stability. 

For enterprises to sustain and thrive in this competitive market, learning the basic survival skills is an utmost necessity. This Webinar educates you on how to achieve the much-needed legacy transformation while keeping your business architecture intact. So, don’t miss out on an elaborative learning opportunity. 

Join us in this event and explore OutSystems’ limitless potential for legacy modernization and how it fulfills your digital transformation goals. 

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