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Ranosys, a global OutSystems Implementation Partner, is organizing a free career webinar- Journey to OutSystems on 30 June 2021 at 4:30 pm (IST). It is led by Vineet Swami, Delivery Manager-OutSystems, and Sayona Purohit, Marketing Executive-OutSystems from Ranosys.

This webinar approaches the growing prominence of low-code technology for building enterprise-grade applications, the growth prospects in this field, and how one can build a successful career in this field backed by OutSystems- the world’s leading low-code platform.

So, why do you need this webinar in the first place?

The IT industry is the most dynamic and agile industrial segment globally, one that is under constant experimentation and observation. Over the last few years, several tools and technologies have helped organizations to operate in complex environments and manage heterogeneous stacks. As enterprises diversified, new tools came into being, new goals were set, and new milestones were strived to be achieved, which made the traditional programming environments obsolete.

Unlike the earlier days, when legacy systems could support a business’ needs, their lack of digital agility, slower application delivery speed, and reduced time to value demanded by the modern software development industry makes them inefficient and unfit in the modern market. Companies today know the importance of digital transformation and how necessary it is to leverage technology that modernizes and improves the efficiency of the existing business model and embraces innovation to change or respond to changes that affect enterprise productivity. All of these reasons, coupled with hyper-automation that integrates functional and process silos to automate and augment business processes with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and offer customers with relevant products and services at every touchpoint, necessitated the need for low-code solutions like OutSystems.

Low-code technology reduces hand-coding requirements for applications by providing building blocks to create innovative workflows. These pre-coded cartlidges remove the need to code actions and commands, allowing even non-IT enthusiasts to create enterprise-grade applications with utmost flexibility and scalability. One such leading low-code solution provider is OutSystems- a modern application platform designed to accelerate the development of the most mission-critical applications while ensuring limitless flexibility and efficiency. OutSystems’ low-code platform fulfills all modern enterprise demands and adapts the current legacy infrastructure to the modern software development capabilities. From customer experience transformation to application modernization, process automation, or workplace innovation, OutSystems supports and accomplishes all business objectives.

However, the advantages of OutSystems aren’t limited to this. Its low-code platform sparks the emergence of a new group of developers called citizen developers. Also called citizen admins, these developers are not skilled in software development but know how to solve a business challenge and are keen to do it. Since OutSystems’ platform already has abstract block codes ready, citizen developers can build innovative applications and workflows fast, deploy them in the market faster and rapidly solve all customer and enterprise demands. For IT enthusiasts and professional developers who wish to learn low-code development and build enterprise-grade software solutions, there is no better career opportunity than OutSystems. As more and more organizations embrace the low-code power of OutSystems and increasingly employ it to accomplish their digital transformation goals, non-IT candidates can chart a rewarding career path in the same field and become an inspiration for many.

If you’re interested in becoming an enterprise software developer, then there has been no better time than now to build a successful career in this field, backed by OutSystems.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is low-code technology, and why is it the future of software development? Low-code development offers speed, agility, decreases coding time, offers higher productivity, improves customer experience, and allows seamless modifications- all of which make it easy for enterprises to develop flexible apps and get specific tasks done.
  • What makes OutSystems’ low-code platform a great career option? While OutSystems allows enterprises to leverage new technologies and keep up with the market’s changing needs, is it a good career option for developers? What makes OutSystems the best career choice?
  • The career prospects of being an OutSystems developer. Why should you pick this low-code development platform? What makes it different from the other similar platforms?
  • Discuss the OutSystems-related growth opportunities. What does the future look like for an OutSystems developer? What will be your career trajectory if you choose a profession as an OutSystems developer?
  • How Ranosys can help you succeed as an OutSystems developer. Ranosys, a global OutSystems Implementation Partner, is one of the few companies to popularize the idea of low-code development and build enterprise-level solutions for renowned clients like Adani. Their immense expertise and experience in building low-code applications for ambitious brands is one reason why they are the best solution provider in this field.

Our Speakers:

Vineet Swami is a low-code enthusiast and an OutSystems Evangelist. He’s been associated with OutSystems’s low-code development platform for the last 5 years and has overseen some of the most critical enterprise-grade app development and deployment. In his free time, you’ll find him speaking at events and webinars- teaching professional and prospective developers about the benefits of OutSystems and how it transformed his career.

Sayona Purohit is an avid OutSystems Marketing Executive who loves to study and research the platform’s innovative technology and employ her expert insights to help clients achieve a competitive edge.

Post the webinar; you’ll have a better understanding of the low-code technology, its growth prospects, and how you can leverage OutSystems to build a successful career as a developer. You’ll know why low-code is the future of enterprise application development, how you should forge a successful low-code developer career, the benefits of learning OutSystems’ low-code platform, the job opportunities in this field, and its future. As per Gartner, the low-code development market will reach $13.8 billion in 2021. So, if you want to build a rewarding career in the same field using OutSystems, this webinar is for you.

Join us on 30 June 2021 at 4:30 pm (IST) to learn more about this career opportunity.

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