Ranosys SFCC accelerator, Phoenix, to offer tailored commerce solutions

Salesforce Commerce Cloud accelerator, Phoenix

Embracing the changing retail landscape, Ranosys, a global Digital Consulting Firm, is set to redefine the traditional go-to-market strategy and reduce it by a significant margin with its innovative eCommerce accelerator, Phoenix, built ground-up on the leading-edge commerce solution, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), a Leader in Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, places consumers at the heart of the eCommerce ecosystem, spectacularly personalises every customer engagement, offers a connected digital experiences across all touchpoints. Commerce Cloud from Salesforce leverages a headless commerce approach to grow sales, revenues and relationships with automation and AI, forging a single source of truth. From a customer’s and market’s perspective, Commerce Cloud leverages competitive features and functionalities and helps online retailers to conquer the digital vortex. 

Digital retail is at the precipice of an exciting new adventure. There is a paradigm shift in how consumers used to shop a few years back vs now. This, combined with the ever-changing market dynamics, the launch of new tech every other day, and the rapidly evolving customer expectations make it tedious for online retailers and merchants to extend personalised shopping experiences to consumers that are quick, scalable, flexible, and agile. 

“Phoenix is a retail-friendly solution that addresses all these pain points. It reduces time-to-market from Months to weeks, decreases operational costs, leverages several competitive integrations, and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) monumentally. And, it does all this in just 4-6 weeks, while offering unrivalled performances, agility, and scalability. And then, Phoenix leverages all the competitive cloud-based SaaS features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), which places it at the forefront of retail disruption,” says Rameshwar Vyas, CEO of Ranosys.

In an omnichannel economy where brand experiences across channels have overpowered product features to become the real currency, a deal-breaker, several compelling features make Phoenix worthy of the gold status. Phoenix’s SFCC-led modular enterprise-grade architecture empowers digital retail to create new services across channels quickly and flexibly. 

The confluence of functionalities like pre-coded design templates, mobile-first approach, multiple geography-specific payment and shipping integrations, AI-based product recommendations, active customer support services, and easy-to-customise UX themes allows retailers to address the blind spots in a customer’s omnichannel digital journeys and offer a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints.  

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud accelerator, Phoenix, also provides ample room for customisation to empower eCommerce business owners with an ability to differentiate their offerings and stand apart from the competition. With SFCC-empowered Phoenix, a business can carve a niche for itself and advance on the path of enterprise-led growth. 

About Ranosys

Ranosys is a CMMI Level 3 global digital consulting company founded in 2008 in Singapore with offices in the USA, UK, Middle East, and APAC regions. It leverages the power of platform partnerships, experience design, and cutting-edge software technologies to drive digital transformation, eCommerce, and product engineering initiatives. Ranosys addresses the various milestones in a company’s digital transformation roadmap, identifying, designing, developing, deploying, and measuring their digital skills. Their experienced and expert workforce renders solutions that secure their client’s lead in the digital community.

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