Ranosys appraised at CMMI Level 3

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Ranosys today announced that it has been appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). This appraisal was performed by Maverick Quality Advisory Services (MQAS).

CMMI is a capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improves their performance. An appraisal at Maturity Level 3 indicates that Ranosys is performing at a ‘Defined’ Level. At this level, processes are well-characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods. Ranosys’ set of standard processes, which is the basis of maturity level 3, is established and improved over time.

In late 2019, Ranosys initiated a CMMI appraisal to evaluate how closely its development processes relate to CMMI best practices; hence, prioritizing business improvement efforts. Led by Sushma Vyas, COO-Ranosys, implemented and overseen by Internal ATMs Ashish Vyas, Mala Lahiri, and Akshay Paliwal, the appraisal saw 30+ team members from different departments working together to get this distinction. The CMMI Institute accepted the SCAMPI appraisal for Ranosys Technologies, awarding them with the CMMI Level 3 certification.

Talking about this achievement, Sushma Vyas, COO, Ranosys, commented, “We are proud to have earned the CMMI Maturity Level 3 benchmark recognizing our organizational standards and demonstrating our focus and commitment to deliver high-end and process-oriented software solutions.” 

She continued, “At Ranosys, we focus on nothing more than customer satisfaction. And this certification is a stamp of validation that our software development practices operate at peak efficiency and efficacy. Our quality initiatives are not merely an exercise in compliance but a way to affirm our organizational commitment to continually improving our solutions. At a stage where we are aggressively expanding, this certification will help us connect with global enterprises with mandatory CMMI Level 3 certification, service our clients with an increased sense of ownership and reaffirm their trust in us.”

Ranosys is continuously working to increase productivity and efficiency for its global software clients. It has over 13 years of experience in software development, consulting, maintenance, and support while serving several high-end brands with its digital transformationdigital commerce, and product engineering solutions. This certification from an internationally recognized body like CMMI Institute has reinforced the value Ranosys offers to its customers-quality, uniformity, and contentment above all.

“I am proud of our teams who worked very hard to earn this certification level in record time. The CMMI Level 3 appraisal resonates with our innovative process-driven approach. For our clients, this certification will improve quality consistency, strategic guidance, feedback analysis, and security. At the core, the achievement will increase profitability, turn-around times, predictability, and consistency, eventually leading to mature and standardized processes, “said Umashankar Arora, VP-Engineering, Ranosys.

He continued, “We now eye on achieving the CMMI L5 certification in the next two years as a part of our vision, which will firmly establish ourselves as an organization that focuses on continuous improvement, agility, stability, and innovation. From here on, we will work harder, and smarter to offer digital transformation services at lowered costs.”

Known for its associations with the world’s leading technologies like OutSystems, Salesforce, Adobe, and Microsoft, Ranosys believes in achieving tomorrow, today. Its unique approach and tailor-made software solutions have built the firm a global clientele across the UK, US, MEA, Europe, Singapore, and India. On an aggressive growth path, Ranosys is all set to ramp up its technical capabilities and workforce to serve its growing customer base with this CMMI Level 3 certification.

About CMMI

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About Ranosys 

Ranosys is a CMMI Level 3 global digital consulting company founded in 2008 in Singapore with 8 offices in the US, UK, Middle East, and APAC regions. It leverages the power of platform partnerships, experience design, and cutting-edge software technologies to drive digital transformation, eCommerce, and product engineering initiatives. Ranosys addresses the various milestones in a company’s digital transformation roadmap, identifying, designing, developing, deploying, and measuring their digital skills. Their experienced and expert workforce renders solutions that secure their client’s lead in the digital community. 

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