Ranosys Partners with Kore.ai to Offer AI-Chatbot Services

Ranosys Partners with Kore.ai

Ranosys is glad to announce its partnership with Kore.ai – a platform for developing and deploying chatbots at the enterprise level. Kore offers a variety of bots that can be deployed on various channels like websites, mobile apps, email, SMS, and messaging services (Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.). This AI-based chat platform leverages Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to facilitate intelligent communication between things, systems, and people.

Ranosys strives to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and add value to global clients. The partnership with Kore.ai will enable Ranosys to offer an AI-powered virtual assistant to its clients to automate their interaction with customers, resolve their queries in real-time, and increase customer loyalty and retention by engaging in meaningful conversations.

“We look forward to enriching the digital experiences and simplifying the workflows of large enterprises by improving their collaboration, efficiency, and productivity” states Rameshwar Vyas, CEO, Ranosys Technologies. He further adds, “Our purpose is to leverage Kore.ai platform for delivering customized chatbot solutions to clients that would provide significant benefits to them by saving time, costs, and enhancing customer experiences.”

About Ranosys

Ranosys, a renowned software development company and proponent of digital transformation, is headquartered in Singapore with offices in the UK (London) and the USA (California). With 250+ employees and comprehensive knowledge of AI and Machine Learning, Ranosys aims to automate the business processes of clients. We provide top-notch chatbot solutions for various domains such as Retail and eCommerce, Healthcare, Fintech, among others. Our other areas of expertise include enterprise application development, eCommerce solutions, enterprise mobility services, and quality assurance services.

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