Spike in Smartphone Sales will Boost the eCommerce Industry

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives these days. Almost two-thirds of the entire global population is using mobile on a regular basis and this is evident from a survey report, which states that there are 4.96 billion mobile users around the world. The proliferation and innovation of the mobile internet have empowered the consumers like never before and they have turned savvier when it comes to researching and purchasing the products. According to the forecasts of BI Intelligence, mCommerce will account for 45% of $632 billion of total eCommerce sales by 2020.

With eCommerce and mCommerce trends gaining traction on a global level, these trends are performing beyond expectations in the UK. Studies by various agencies forecast an increasing percentage of mCommerce transactions amidst an escalating eCommerce landscape. As per the predictions of eMarketer, in 2017, the UK retail eCommerce market is expected to exceed £81.55 billion ($110.07 billion). The same report states that smartphones will channelize 46.5% of total retail mCommerce sales in the UK. In a nutshell, £35.31 billion ($47.66 billion) UK retail eCommerce sales will come from mobile commerce, in 2017.

Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Commerce in the UK

  • In 2017, the UK alone will have 43.6 million smartphone users.
  • Mobile’s share of total UK retail sales will rise from 6.3% to 7.6% in 2017. (Statistics sourced from: eMarketer)
  • By 2024, spending on mobile will top £53 billion.
  • Approximately half (42.4%) retail sales will be generated through a mobile device. (Statistics sourced fro

Image Source: Business Insider


eCommerce Trends to Watch in 2017

With more than half of the internet traffic coming from mobile and smartphones being used at every phase of buying journey, retailers are now devising their marketing and content strategies around mobile. Based on the changing shopping patterns, we have predicted trends that will drive the eCommerce industry in 2017.

1. Cognitive Automation and Robotics Will Continue to be the Talk of the Town

Tools like chatbots and AI voice assistants in mobile messaging platforms and mobile apps will narrow the gap of personalization that online buyers come across while shopping. These tools are going to be an important part of retailers mobile strategies in 2017 and will reduce the need to manually type in product names, shipping information, and payment credentials, thereby helping businesses reach a bigger audience.

Watch the below video to get insight about how AI will empower retail in 2017.
Future of retail is here with the AI – Are you ready? – Singapore Magento User Group

2. Contextual and User-Focused Commerce will Thrive

In the present scenario, consumers want context-based, optimized, and highly intuitive shopping experience. In 2017, the entire focus of merchants will be on simplifying and streamlining the buying process by allowing consumers to purchase anything, anywhere, anytime with just a click.

3. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Will Take the Stage

The incorporation of AR and VR into retail models will provide retailers an opportunity to reduce consumer pain points and create a personalized and differentiated shopping experience. With the use of these technologies in the apps, the consumers will be able to try and buy products without visiting the store.

The rise in smartphone sales is driving momentum from eCommerce to mCommerce and this has changed consumer shopping preferences and patterns. Since shopping through smartphones is steadily on the rise, it is becoming necessary for merchants to ensure that their web portals are mobile-responsive to meet consumer expectations.

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