Salesforce for healthcare: The underlying opportunities and benefits

Salesforce for healthcare: The underlying opportunities and benefits

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors and significantly contributes to the local economy. And today, healthcare service providers are adopting transformative solutions that can assist them in managing patient data securely and integrating various procedures to increase productivity and drive higher value. And this is where Salesforce for healthcare comes into play.

Currently, the healthcare system deals with several issues that drive up its operating costs and reduces overall revenue. A few examples are the lack of communication between medical and non-medical staff, siloed patient records, tedious paperwork, reliance on outdated legacy models, data security issues, expensive medical equipment, and service shortcomings from insurance providers.

To address such challenges and make operations seamless, the healthcare sector needs a cloud-based platform like Salesforce, which can help them overcome inconsistencies and improve patient experiences.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

The Salesforce Health Cloud is an innovative Salesforce for healthcare CRM system that empowers similar enterprises to create personalized interactions and improve overall patient experiences. With Salesforce Health Cloud, you can connect people, data, and processes to efficiently acquire, assist, and engage patients throughout their healthcare journey. By providing access to critical data and actionable insights, it also empowers your team to achieve commercial success in the areas of sales, business operations, and patient services.

Salesforce Health Cloud integration with legacy systems

Salesforce Health Cloud integration with legacy systems

The Salesforce platform’s ability to be highly customized and seamlessly integrated with legacy systems is one of its most significant Salesforce for healthcare benefits. You don’t need to worry about switching to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP), electronic health record (EHR), or electronic medical record (EMR) system because Salesforce Health Cloud integration allows you to link it with your organization’s existing system.

Salesforce Health Cloud is an extension of Salesforce for businesses already using the platform, and it is designed to interact effortlessly with medical record systems. Additionally, Salesforce Health Cloud implementation extends to historical systems, and empowers healthcare professionals to combine patient data from other sources to leverage a unified view of patient profiles.

What role Salesforce plays for the pharma industry

When it comes to healthcare, all that matters is that it should increase patient engagement, care quality, resource utilization, and cost-effectiveness. But there are some challenges that healthcare organizations have been facing. Overcoming these challenges, Salesforce healthcare CRM provides multiple solutions that result in a seamless collaboration between healthcare professionals and ensure an enriching patient experience, always.

Here are a few challenges faced by the Healthcare industry and how Salesforce CRM can help.

 ChallengeHow Salesforce Helps
Patient experienceDifferent stakeholders in the healthcare industry have access to data that is stored in various places,resulting in inconsistent service offerings to the patients.With Salesforce CRM, you can integrate the patient's experience at various points of their care journey to provide a holistic view to everyone in your team and offer more connected and relevant experiences.
Automated workflowsFor healthcare professionals and patients, it is essential to have prescriptions, reports and other medication documentation readily available. However, traditional systems make it complicated and time-consuming for both the professionals and patients.Automated workflows for prescriptions and patient referrals are possible with Salesforce pharma CRM. These processes acquire patient data immediately, saving both time, resources and overhead costs.
Data security & complianceData breach has been one of the major concerns of the healthcare industry. Due to lack of proper security measures, sensitive details of patients are freely accessed by cybercriminals which costs millions in damages to healthcare providers.With Salesforce Healthcare CRM, you can simplify healthcare processes by encrypting sensitive patient information. It also provides access controls so that only relevant or assigned medical practitioners can see the patient details.
Performance monitoringIn the pharma industry it is very difficult to monitor the need for medical equipment, pre and post-discharged records, track of appointments, staff performance, and more.Salesforce for pharma has the ability to organize internal teams of caregivers into tasks, allowing them to engage with patients and check on their ongoing treatment and scheduled appointments. Moreover, Healthcare CRM provides a variety of modules to make work easier and raise service quality by storing accurate data and soliciting customer feedback.
Precise and accurate patient recordsIt is important to create and keep up-to-date patient records that include information about medications, in- and out-patient treatment histories, care provider details, prescriptions and tests, payment information, health insurance, names, and emergency contacts.With Salesforce pharma CRM you can keep accurate and precise patient information and unify them on a single dashboard, which allows providers to offer specialized and better care services to their respective patients.

What are Salesforce healthcare benefits?

Salesforce is a way for healthcare payers, providers, manufacturers, and businesses in other healthcare verticals to meet their customers’ rising demands, while simultaneously improving overall patient experiences. One of the significant benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud is gaining a holistic view of patients to explore opportunities for communication (both internally and externally) and personalize services/products to suit their medical needs.

So, here are some of the most significant Salesforce healthcare benefits:

#1: Leverage one Salesforce Cloud ecosystem than disparate systems

Challenge: Healthcare organizations must speed up R&D timelines and carefully manage resources to remain competitive in the face of pricing pressures, patent expirations, and the new era of customized medicine.

Solution: Salesforce healthcare CRM implementation partners can help increase patient retention and recruitment by using customized communication solutions, which include Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud. And, Salesforce helps you shorten your time to market by connecting systems and people on a secure platform and getting real-time data from any device and data sources.

  • MuleSoft also helps you combine data from different systems to gain insights and improve efficiency on a single platform.
  • Marketing Cloud customizes long-term engagement and targets patients based on trial criteria to yield comprehensive insights.
  • Salesforce Health Cloud help acts as a central repository for your team and patient data, enabling collaboration throughout the clinical research process.

#2: Effortlessly manage patient expectations

Challenge: Healthcare businesses have a limited opportunity to abandon the conventional healthcare paradigm and innovate in the new and customer-centric digital environment.

Solution: Salesforce for healthcare enhances patient programs while lowering operating costs. Providers can employ Salesforce platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud to tailor strategies for every patient and bring in new clients and referrals, such as physician referrals, online marketing, and traditional advertising. This is another area where Salesforce CRM for healthcare thrived.

#3: Improve inbound patient experiences

Challenge: A healthcare organization’s contact center serves as its front door. Healthcare professionals frequently need help understanding a patient’s interactions with the healthcare system. A successful patient access center needs a complete picture of patient data to provide a connected and improved experience. Claims, social media, website usage, and patient satisfaction are all included in this.

Solution: Salesforce allows your agents to have complete visibility into interactions between patients and providers.

  • The healthcare representatives can readily direct members and patients to the best available level of care.
  • Care coordinators can provide more on the first call and faster resolutions by looking at this data on a single platform.
  • Incident calls can be converted into opportunities, and agents can find care gaps to book more appointments and create a highly customized, seamless patient experience. As a result, patient satisfaction and health outcomes will both increase.

#4: Accurately forecast future patient needs and market trends

Challenge: Care management with forecasting is getting more networked and sophisticated as people live longer and have a comprehensive range of care preferences. Care plans must be created by healthcare organizations and shared by doctors, patients, and families.

Solution: Salesforce healthcare CRM can be used for your healthcare business to make forecasts, examine patient behavior, and do much more. You can maintain your predictions with Salesforce by using clearly defined sales stages that are tailored to match your particular language and enlist the assistance of your entire care team. You can get a real-time overview of forecasts made throughout the organization using Salesforce’s healthcare forecasting feature. This features in-line forecast adjustments, single-click digging down, and more.

Leverage Salesforce CRM for healthcare with us

When patient satisfaction and happiness are all you need as a healthcare provider, Salesforce provides cutting-edge, effective results and streamlines operations, which can help you deliver a digital health experience by improving patient access, engagement, and more. As a leading Salesforce for healthcare partner, we have assisted several healthcare organizations in fulfilling their patient’s needs while providing the best healthcare solutions.

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