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During these unprecedented times, most of us have been shopping online and each one of us wants that, everything that we are looking for is showcased to us on our homepage or feeds. We want our browsing experience to be super easy and prefer a one-on-one shopping experience. For us, every single touchpoint should be relevant, engaging, and personalized.

In simple words, we want to be catered with a tailored customer experience and in this blog, we explore how eCommerce personalization can be achieved with Adobe Sensei.

Though most of the brands out there are focused on creating a seamless and intuitive buying experience for their customers, only a few of them deliver personalized content, products, or services as per individual customer preferences. And in today’s era, one of the best ways to make a customer feel special and important is through eCommerce personalization.

And it’s not just about recommending a related product or item on a page. It is about understanding and anticipating your customer’s needs and preferences and then offering them relevant products.

Many big companies across different industries are going the extra mile to provide customized product recommendations to customers including big giants like Netflix and Spotify. They are making sure to learn about their users’ preferences and tastes to provide them with relevant recommendations.

Moreover, there is no denying that when a customer feels a connection with the brand, not only the engagement increases but also repeat purchases, sales, and conversion also rise simultaneously.

So, let’s explore how you can transform your eCommerce business with advanced personalization leveraging AI-powered Adobe Sensei.  But before we dive into more details, let us first understand its definition:

“Ecommerce Personalization refers to the practice of creating personal experiences and interactions for the customers by dynamically showing content, media, or product recommendations based on the customer’s browsing behavior, purchase history data, demographics, and psychographics.”

But it all comes to one question, how to create such rich, deep, and personalized experiences?

Though many eCommerce platforms in the market provide brands with the tools required for building a feature-rich website, only a few of them can personalize the online shopping experience. This is because creating a real-time personalized eCommerce customer experience is quite difficult. 

Now, you may ask us why? Let us explain with facts and details.

Different factors like data issues, implementation of decision logic, and faster data results pose difficulty in implementing eCommerce personalization.

Thus, setting up an effective personalized eCommerce experience can be a tricky and complex proposition, but with the right set of tools at hand, it is much easier to achieve. 

And for acing the personalization game, one of the best tools in the market is Adobe Sensei.

What is Adobe Sensei?

Launched in 2016, Adobe Sensei is an AI & ML-based tool, offering intelligent features for assisting brands to simplify creating and delivering personalized shopping experiences to their customers. It leverages machine learning to make decisions based on individual actions across their entire experience. 

It specializes in predicting customer behavior using aggregate data (data based on customer’s buying patterns and behavior) and allows brands to tailor their recommendations to their customers’ needs. In addition to this, it also provides insights about different other aspects like advertising strategies of an organization and forecasting impacts.

Through Adobe Sensei, both small and large brands/businesses can leverage cutting-edge technology at an affordable cost. Once installed and configured, the storefront will begin gathering the behavioral data. Sensei processes the collected behavioral data along with the catalog data and further calculates the products that can be associated with a particular recommendation type. The merchants can further create, deploy and manage product recommendations to the storefront directly from the Admin panel. 

For Adobe Commerce users, these AI-fueled recommendations can be easily employed on their websites through the Product Recommendations extension at no additional cost.

Personalized product recommendation with Adobe Sensei and its benefits

Adobe Sensei features capabilities that help in gaining deep insights, augmenting tasks and workflows, simplify making informed real-time decisions, and supplement the ability to create and deliver personalized eCommerce experiences to the customers.

  • Ai-driven retail

Adobe Sensei AI automatically evaluates the behaviour of the shoppers by harnessing the power of machine learning algorithms and lets you abstract maximum value out of it. Once implemented, Adobe Sensei takes over the customer data analysis by creating customer profiles based on the customer’s interaction with the website and its products. Based on the collated data it provides the right set of recommendations whether products, content, videos that any particular customer should see at any given moment.

  • Different recommendations types

Sensei offers around 9 different types of recommendations that the merchant can choose from such as trending, more like this, customers also viewed, most purchased, recommended for you, and more. These recommendations are derived through artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms which perform a deep analysis of the aggregated shopper data. This data, when combined with the catalog, results in engaging, relevant, and personalized experiences for the shoppers.

  • Embedded admin based merchant experience

The merchants can easily create, manage and deploy product recommendations from the Adobe Commerce admin panel which helps in increasing the revenue and boosts up the sales. The charts of impressions, views, clicks and revenue are also very helpful.

  • Streamlined workflow

Adobe has defined a streamlined workflow that simplifies creating product recommendations. Once the feature is activated, merchants can recommend the products to the customers immediately. Integrating this with the product recommendation feature assists the merchants to become more competent in enhancing the overall shopping experience of customers. This not only is a time-saving process for merchants but also helps the merchants to provide a relevant and seamless digital shopping experience.

  • Auto page tagging and catalog sync

With the AI-powered recommendations, the storefronts are tagged right away with no additional coding or custom development. Everything is deployed without errors, accurately, and with minimal effort from the merchant’s end. To unload the hosting processing, the product catalog can be automatically synced to a dedicated cloud service.

Final words

Though there are no definitive marketing strategies or methodologies for driving better results, a personalized recommendation is a powerful marketing tool that can unquestionably help your brand to deliver a relevant and rich experience to your customers thereafter increasing conversions, boosting revenue, and stimulating shopper engagement.

Ecommerce stores can get immense benefits from personalization and can stimulate customer engagement. If you’re looking to launch your business online or rebuild your eCommerce website, you should consider integrating Adobe Sensei with your webstore, preferably with  Adobe Commerce

If you would like to discuss Adobe Sensei features or would like to introduce eCommerce personalization to your business, we are right here for you!

Embrace digital transformation with Adobe.


Ayushi Gupta

Business Analyst

Ayushi has around 4 years of experience in the IT industry and is currently working as an eCommerce Business Analyst with Ranosys. She possess strong expertise in identifying business needs, gathering and defining the requirements for facilitating the project execution for successful delivery.



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