How Salesforce Lightning platform helps deliver superior customer experiences

How Salesforce Lightning platform helps deliver superior customer experiences

There is a fundamental shift in how customers connect with brands. Empathy, personalization, convenience, and digital transformation are the modern attributes to long-term brand-customer relationships. So how are organizations coping with these and delivering seamless experiences to users? Well, the answer is to plan digital transformation strategically and systematically on the right platform. The only solution is to develop applications quickly, and when it comes to CRM software Salesforce Lightning System comes in handy.

Salesforce Lightning experience helps enterprises to be faster and more efficient while maintaining design, simplicity, and innovation. 

This blog will enlighten you about the Salesforce Lightning platform, its capabilities, how different users can utilize Salesforce Lightning benefits, and ultimately why your business should migrate from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.

What is Salesforce Lightning? 

Salesforce Lightning is an advanced platform that simplifies various business processes as the next generation of the CRM solution and user experience. Introduced in 2015 and currently the default interface for all Salesforce using organization, Lightning allows you to streamline business processes with unique designs, more productive tools, and AI functionality. Using the Lightning Component-based framework, you can build personalized, responsive applications without coding and still deliver relevant and desired user experiences. 

The Salesforce Lightning platform provides you with tools for building compelling UI/UX and creating a modern productivity-boosting user experience for any device. It includes mainly these technologies: 

#1. Lightning Components: Lightning components help accelerate development and application performance. It provides you with features such as custom components that admins and developers can use as reusable building blocks to customize the Lightning experience and the mobile applications. 

#2. Lightning Experience Builder: Salesforce Lightning Experience Builder empowers admins or developers to build communities visually without coding using lightning templates and components. The most intuitive and powerful tool allows you to create websites and applications faster with drag-and-drop, clicks-based features for customers, partners, and employees. 

#3. Lightning design system: Lightning Design System is an impressive CSS framework that provides best practices in user experience and style guides for app development. It provides various patterns and components that constitute an excellent Salesforce Lightning experience. The designs are user-friendly and delightful in the Salesforce ecosystem. An amazing experience is provided with specialized animation and motion effects of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. 

#4. Lightning Connect: Lightning connect allows data from other external platforms to be accessed in real-time, integrated with your default Salesforce interface. It, therefore, helps in connecting the external applications to consume data from any source that complies with the data specification. 

#5. Lightning App Builder: Lightning App Builder empowers developers to build Lightning pages visually, without code, using off-the-shelf and custom-built Lightning components. It allows you to develop creative applications with drag-and-drop tools in one place, enabling users to customize and control lightning components for building mission-critical applications. 

#6: Lightning Bolt: These include industry-standard templates, industry process flows, apps, lightning components, etc., contributed by global Salesforce partners and integrated seamlessly with all clouds of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. These readymade components can be leveraged by developers to develop enterprise-level digital solutions and accelerate time-to-market. 

Who is Salesforce Lightning designed for? 

Salesforce Lightning has been designed to make the development of responsive applications easier and faster across devices and channels. Anyone with access to the Salesforce interface can use it regardless of their skill level or role. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Salesforce Lightning is designed for everyone: 

  1. Salesforce admins can more quickly and efficiently set up new sales reps by assigning them an App via App Launcher. 
  2. Designers can create custom layouts without writing any code with Lightning Components. 
  3. Developers will have improved visibility into deployment settings and configuration changes with updated tools. 
  4. With Lightning's new built-in search and filtering functionality, technical support staff may provide faster resolution times to customer incidents.

Salesforce Lightning features helpful for your business

Salesforce Lightning offers powerful features like intelligent defaults that will make running your business more accessible than ever. Using these, you can seamlessly customize and quickly deploy applications. Let’s explore some of the Salesforce Lightning features for your business: 

#1. Opportunity Workspace: A one-stop dashboard for sales managers that allows them to track deals, visualize progress, and close deals faster. It includes data about customers and related information such as contacts and products. 

#2. Kanban View: Kanban view presents a visual summary of all your records and views a big picture of all your business processes. You can sort, reorganize, filter, and move business opportunities along the workflow. 

#3. Path and Guidance: Path and Guidance are simple and helpful tools for business users to form a sales workflow with links and tips at each stage, track opportunity records in the sales process, and visualize the goals. 

#4. Lightning Page Templates: Lightning Page Templates allows you to quickly build applications according to unique business needs with custom templates for desktop and mobile. 

#5. Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein is an excellent Lightning feature and a powerful artificial intelligence tool allowing organizations to predict purchasing patterns and future trends increasing sales and marketing productivity. 

#6. Lightning Web Components: Salesforce Lightning Web Components is a programming model to create Lightning Components easily. It is a UI framework that is built using HTML and modern JavaScript providing enterprises with better performance, faster loading sites, better security and browser compatibility. 

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning for your business

Salesforce Lightning offers several benefits that can help businesses to increase their productivity, streamline operations, and work on modern interfaces. Some of the key Salesforce Lightning benefits include: 

#1. Increase efficiency and productivity: Salesforce Lightning helps you to increase efficiency for your sales and service teams by making workflow easier and more personalized. 

#2. Streamline operations: With the help of Salesforce Lightning you can get more accurate and comprehensive data about business performance. It increases user engagement and generates better insight in areas such as sales pipelines or service operations. 

#3. Build custom applications faster: Salesforce Lightning enables IT and business to create applications together using no-code builders and low-code tools. With Lightning, you can save time and create customized applications. 

#4. Work smarter: Your business can make data-driven decisions based on insights by implementing analytics, predictions, and AI with Einstein. You can easily spot trends, visualize KPIs, and use data analytics to create a smarter, more scalable business.

Salesforce Classic vs Salesforce Lightning

With Salesforce Lightning becoming easier to access your data and work with that data in many unique ways. But before the Salesforce Lightning launch, businesses used Salesforce Classic as their interface for the CRM platform. Salesforce Classic was the interface for the Salesforce CRM platform using former UI functionality, whereas Salesforce Lightning offers a modern, customizable user interface with easy-to-read text and high-resolution graphics and icons. Some of the significant differences which make Salesforce Lightning a more productive tool for businesses are shown in the table:

Point of difference 

Salesforce Classic 

Salesforce Lightning 

Enhanced UXSalesforce Classic provides an outdated interface with small graphics and icons.Lightning features a better and more modern UI and provides more information on its dashboards with its advanced functionalities.
Future ReadinessClassic remains a legacy maintained for difficult clients.Lightning is more progressive, flexible, and fully featured, giving you tools to manage customer relationships.
SecurityIn Salesforce Classic, security is centralized and presents only one line of defense against security threats, and it may expose business data.Salesforce Lightning improves security with its locker service feature, which adds an authentication layer between components, and departments can communicate easily.
Reporting and Forecasting Salesforce Classic allows you to create reports based on different report types and templates that focus on products, opportunities, and campaigns, but you cannot easily customize it to the data and insights your team needs.Salesforce Lightning extends the capabilities significantly with enhanced charts that provide more interaction, making reporting easier, giving deeper insights and superior forecasting capabilities, and incorporating Einstein Analytics. 

Benefits of migrating to Salesforce Lightning

Customers using Salesforce Lightning Experience are likely to be more productive than those working in Salesforce Classic. The Salesforce Lightning offers you to close deals faster with enhanced collaboration and conversion rates. Reasons why you need Salesforce Lightning migration will be beneficial for you:

  1. Lightning offers robust functionality for better end-user experience.
  2. Lightning provides high-assurance security to users. 
  3. It is a user-friendly software and allows you to create responsive and mission critical applications. 
  4. With Lightning Customer Community businesses can offer better customer services, enhanced personalization and increase conversion rates. 
  5. With the help of Einstein Analytics the databases are updated automatically and give you enhanced insights. 

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Salesforce Lightning is one of the best CRM solutions for building customized applications for your mobile or desktop. With Lightning, your business can enhance the efficiency of sales and marketing teams, increasing overall ROI. You can connect with us if you want to implement Salesforce Lightning or migrate from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. Our certified experts will guide you according to your unique business requirements and fully leverage Salesforce Lightning. 

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