How OutSystems platform benefits in Mobile App Development?

 Mobile Application Development OutSystems

OutSystems is a low-code rapid application development platform through which you can visually develop your complete application, easily integrate it with existing systems, and add your own custom code, if required. Overall, it lets you develop quality apps and deliver faster.

Businesses can use OutSystems to get their mobile apps developed easily and within a short period of time as its drag-and-drop capabilities and graphic user interfaces streamline the entire application development process. However, not just the development of apps, OutSystems also eases and speeds up the integration of applications with on-premises and existing cloud databases.

Every aspect of this platform is devised with the goal of helping organizations create enterprise-grade apps quickly and digitize their business faster.

Now firstly, let us understand what type of mobile apps you can develop through OutSystems.

OutSystems allows the development of three types of mobile applications:

  • Mobile Apps
    These are the standard mobile applications that can be installed on the devices directly, have a native UX, have access to the permissions of the device, and can work offline too.
  • Responsive Web Apps
    These are the applications that can be accessed by the users without installation, through their phone browsers. These apps use web responsive technologies to quickly adapt to multiple devices and mobile browsers.
  • Develop only the mobile backend
    OutSystems can also be used as the backend for your custom-built native mobile app, which uses traditional tools such as Android Studio, Visual Studio, or XCode and respective native languages.

After learning about the types of mobile apps, now let us find out how OutSystems can benefit your business in mobile app development.

1. Deliver to Multiple Devices Through Single Code Base

As OutSystems produces highly performant hybrid applications, you can deliver your mobile app to multiple operating systems faster. An application developed with OutSystems can easily run on both iOS and Android devices. There is no need to adapt the code for each type of device.

2. Produce Apps With Intuitive UI

Deliver mobile apps with an attractive user interface by getting your application developed with OutSystems. This platform includes a fully-integrated UI framework called OutSystems UI which offers customizable themes for mobile apps. It also includes a huge library of samples and patterns through which you can get amazing mobile apps having a magnificent look and feel.

3. Rapid Development

Manual coding consumes a lot of time and efforts of the developer which leads to increased costs and development time. However, when applications are developed on OutSystems, the development speed increases by almost ten times. Hence, by considerably reducing application development time, OutSystems allows organizations save costs in the long run.

4. Get the Benefits of a Native App

Mobile apps developed on the OutSystems platform can access all of the native capabilities and APIs of the device (be it Android or iOS) by using plugins. The capabilities are not just limited to camera, geolocation, and notifications but also include Bluetooth, barcode scanners, and more.

5. Create Offline Apps in an Easy Manner

OutSystems has all the tools required to develop applications that run offline. Mobile apps developed with OutSystems automatically store all the app content on the device so that it can be easily accessed for offline use.

6. Highly Secure

Security is one of the biggest concerns in this digital era. OutSystems includes a comprehensive set of built-in security features that supports the complete development lifecycle of an application. Apps developed with this platform automatically include secure code patterns which act as a safeguard against prevalent mobile application vulnerabilities.

Additionally, OutSystems provides automated application security checks that warn developers about potential security risks when they publish applications. OutSystems also complies with other general security requirements such as identity management, access control, encryption, single sign-on, etc.

7. Quickly Push Updates to Users’ Devices

Updating your mobile app on your users’ devices can be done in a quick and efficient manner using OutSystems. You just need to deploy the application to OutSystems. Once the updated version of the app is published, OutSystems automatically pushes the updated version to the users’ devices. Hence, you can ensure that all your users are using the latest version of your mobile app.

8. Gather User Feedback With Ease

To enhance and grow your application, you need to constantly update it with the best features. OutSystems can make this process seamless by providing regular feedback from users. It provides an easy way for users to quickly submit feedback through the mobile application itself.

So far, OutSystems is one of the best solutions which combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile functionalities. Are you looking to leverage the potential of this amazing platform? Get in touch with an expert OutSystems development company and release your application faster.

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