7 Reasons to attend Meet Magento Singapore 2023

7 Reasons to attend Meet Magento Singapore 2023

The most-awaited eCommerce conference in Singapore - Meet Magento Singapore 2023 (MM23SG) is returning to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, on 17th August 2023, organized by Ranosys. This eCommerce event celebrates the powerful growth of eCommerce not only in Singapore but across the APAC region.

Date: Thursday, 17 August 2023 

Time: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM SGT

Venue: Level 3, Begonia Ballroom 3001AB-4 & 3101AB-4, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Ranosys have been organizing this event successfully for 6 years and you will be in a good company of eCommerce decision-makers, industry leaders, aspiring merchants, commerce experts, partners, and digital innovators traveling from all over the world for a day filled with insights, innovation, and interactions. 

The remarkable growth of eCommerce in Singapore and across other APAC countries

Singapore is one of Asia's most digitally-mature societies, showcasing high internet penetration rates and accessible high-speed connectivity, leading to a strong uptake of eCommerce services among its population. Singapore is the most affluent market for digital commerce, with the average eCommerce basket size more than twice that of its regional counterparts. The Singapore eCommerce market's gross merchandise volume (GMV) reached 8.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and is projected to surge to 11 billion dollars by 2025. This robust growth solidifies Singapore's position as the best-equipped eCommerce market in the region, supported by cutting-edge digital infrastructure and the unwavering embrace of technology by its consumers and businesses, promising unmatched opportunities and experiences for the digital-savvy populace.

Meet Magento Singapore stands as a global event at the forefront of innovation and technology. This association empowers enterprises, practitioners, solution providers, and merchants within the community with valuable industry knowledge and insights, facilitating the creation of the next wave in the digital ecosystem. 

Meet Magento Singapore – A global event where innovation and technology meet

At Meet Magento Singapore, the focus revolves around digital commerce and transformation, where leading-edge tools, applications, and platforms are explored to deliver the ultimate experience to customers, propelling businesses to excel. This global event brings together the entire Adobe Commerce and Magento open-source community, uniting merchants, customers, industry leaders, and Adobe stalwarts under one roof. The gathering serves as a platform to discuss recent developments, market trends, and endless possibilities in this rapidly evolving space.

With its impressive lineup of speakers, thought-provoking topics, and impeccable hospitality, Meet Magento Singapore is more than just a conference – it binds the Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source ecosystem together and celebrates their milestones with unparalleled fervor and vigor.

In addition to Singapore's remarkable eCommerce growth, the APAC region as a whole is experiencing a digital commerce revolution. According to recent data, the eCommerce market in APAC is projected to reach a staggering US$2.7 trillion by 2025, becoming the largest eCommerce market in the world. This remarkable growth is fueled by increased internet penetration, mobile adoption, and a tech-savvy population across the region.

Why should you join Meet Magento Singapore?

Now coming to the only question in your mind, ‘Why should I attend Meet Magento Singapore?’

Here are 7 reasons as to why you should attend the Meet Magento Singapore event this year.

Meet Magento Singapore

#1. Explore the thriving hub of eCommerce in Singapore

Singapore's eCommerce market has experienced radical growth, making it a hub of customer-driven innovation and cutting-edge technology. With strong support from the Singaporean government through initiatives like the eCommerce Booster Package and SMEs Go Digital Programs, the region has attracted both local and global brands seeking to boost online sales and productivity. At Meet Magento Singapore, you'll explore the latest eCommerce innovations and opportunities in this dynamic ecosystem, sharing success stories, case studies, and the future of eCommerce.

#2. Gain insights into the booming SEA eCommerce market

The Southeast Asian (SEA) region is home to approximately 260 million internet users, making it the 4th largest eCommerce market globally, with an estimated value of US$770 billion. By attending Meet Magento Singapore, you'll stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the SEA eCommerce space. These valuable data-driven insights will help you devise strategies for business growth and expansion in this rapidly evolving market, maximizing your online traction and traffic.

#3. Hear inspiring success stories from growing brands in APAC

Singapore's strategic location in the heart of South Asia has makes it a popular hub for world trade and logistics. This advantageous position has enabled the expansion of local brands overseas and attracted global brands to establish a presence in the country. The conference will bring you face-to-face with the minds behind these successful ventures, offering the opportunity to learn from their experiences and gain inspiration for your own eCommerce journey.

#4. Network with key players in the SEA eCommerce industry

Meet Magento Singapore 2023 provides a unique opportunity to connect with leading enterprises, merchants, developers, and agencies in the SEA region. Expanding your network within the Magento community opens doors to new business prospects and collaboration opportunities. You'll enhance your  lead generation process by engaging with eCommerce pioneers, Magento experts, developers, and service providers and potentially receive invitations to future industry events.

#5. Discover the latest innovations shaping the future of digital retail

The conference showcases the brimming potential of leading-edge innovations in the eCommerce space, setting the stage for the "experience era" of digital retail. You'll be exposed to cutting-edge tools, applications, and platforms that can help deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business excellence. Staying informed about these trends will give you a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This year at Meet Magento Singapore 2023, we’ll explore the circle of commerce and delve into building an integrated store of tomorrow using cutting-edge platforms. 

#6. Deep dive into the AI revolution in eCommerce 

The AI revolution is reshaping the eCommerce landscape, and Meet Magento Singapore 2023 will undoubtedly delve into the latest trends surrounding AI in the industry. From AI-driven personalization and recommendation engines to chatbots and automated customer service, you'll gain valuable insights into how AI is transforming the customer journey and revolutionizing eCommerce practices.

#7. Global gathering for cross-cultural insights and network expansion

Meet Magento Singapore brings together a diverse global audience, comprising professionals from various countries and industries. This cross-cultural gathering provides a unique opportunity to gain fresh insights into eCommerce practices worldwide, fostering innovation and inspiring new strategies. Networking with merchants, developers, and industry leaders expands your professional network beyond borders, creating potential collaborations and partnerships in untapped markets. This global exchange of ideas strengthens the Magento ecosystem, encourages knowledge-sharing, and enhances interpersonal skills, making Meet Magento Singapore an enriching experience that goes beyond learning about eCommerce trends.

With such promising prospects and the convergence of innovation and technology at Meet Magento Singapore, this event is undoubtedly a must-attend for anyone passionate about eCommerce, digital transformation, and the future of Adobe Commerce and Magento open source. 

Mark your calendars and join us at Marina Bay Sands on 17th August 2023 for an unforgettable experience! Agenda for Meet Magento Singapore is now LIVE.

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