A brief journey of Meet Magento Singapore

A brief journey of Meet Magento Singapore

As we are excited to announce the 6th edition of Meet Magento Singapore on 17 Aug 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, it reminded us of the remarkable previous editions we’ve organized, the amazing insights we’ve discussed, and the collective knowledge we’ve taken inspiration from. 

Meet Magento Singapore is an exclusive event for the Adobe Commerce and Magento community to get connected with like-minded industry enthusiasts, leaders, and digital innovators who are valuable contributors to the digital commerce and digital transformation space.

Join us in celebrating the unforgettable journey of MMSG. 

History of MM23SG


Meet Magento Singapore 2018 - Ranosys kickstarts the first Magento event in Singapore 

The first Meet Magento Singapore commences in 2018 with Ranosys stepping up and taking the mantle of organizing this prestigious eCommerce event in Singapore, a thriving market for digital commerce and transformation in the APAC. 

Meet Magento Singapore 2018 was held at the Marina Bay Sands and, since then, has been the preferred venue for MMSG. From merchants to developers, and industry peers, everyone across the eCommerce space came together to exchange insights and valuable ideas to help businesses deliver innovative and scalable solutions. The stellar lineup of noteworthy 33+ speakers and 12+ sponsors across the globe empowered 200+ attendees with industry-leading insights into the latest trends and the future of Adobe Commerce & Magento. The event provided a platform for networking and fostering connections among professionals in the eCommerce and digital transformation industry. Merchants had the chance to interact with developers and solution providers, forging long-term partnerships and exploring innovative strategies to enhance their online businesses. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing were at the forefront of the event, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment. 

Meet Magento Singapore 2019 - Replicating the triumph of the previous year's event

The first edition iterated Meet Magento Singapore as a premier gathering of innovators from across the globe. Following the success of the inaugural event, Ranosys continued its dedication to organizing Meet Magento Singapore in 2019 as well. In 2019, the in-person event became the most awaited conference for eCommerce enthusiasts in Singapore and saw over 200+ attendees, 18+ sponsors, and 39+ speakers from reputed enterprises. While some expert talks enlightened attendees with actionable insights into the future of the industry, others presented use cases to derive knowledge from and replicate successful implementations. 

With the iconic Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop and amidst the hustle of Singapore City, Meet Magento Singapore 2019 earned a strong reputation for its exciting opening acts, warm hospitality and fun-filled after-event party. The event explored a variety of engaging and relevant sessions targeting businesses and the community. 

Meet Magento Singapore 2020- Adapted to the new normal and hosted its first virtual edition

The complete shutdown of live events due to the Covid-19 pandemic didn't pause the spirit and popularity around Meet Magento Singapore, which saw its first virtual edition in 2020. 

Our team felt the importance of bringing the community together and hosted a safe virtual event, attended by 700+ professionals and 41+ speakers from across the globe. The virtual event provided an opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights into the world of digital commerce from the safety and comfort of their homes while understanding the role this new normal will play in shaping the dynamics of the eCommerce industry. The sessions were carefully curated to address the sudden rise in online shopping and how logistics and supply chain would adjust to this newfound demand. Expert sessions from industry leaders in the space provided attendees with actionable strategies for navigating the changing landscape. Meet Magento Singapore 2020 successfully fostered a sense of community and ensured that the spirit of learning and collaboration remained intact. 

Meet Magento Singapore 2021- The first-ever hybrid (in-person & virtual) MMSG event

The 4th edition of MMSG was launched as the first-ever hybrid event with over 550+ virtual attendees, 28+ speakers, and 09+ sponsors from 32 countries; and 50 in-person attendees in obeyance to the laws and regulations of the Singaporean government.

The year was filled with eCommerce enthusiasts who joined us in offline and online capacities from all over the world and an amazing lineup of speakers talked on various business tracks. The blend of virtual and in-person experiences proved to be a winning formula. It allowed for a greater reach and inclusivity, as participants from around the world could join virtually without the limitations of travel and had an equally immersive and interactive experience. The in-person event was held for the attendees to unwind & socialize amidst breathtaking views of the Singapore Skyline. This year the focus was on effective eCommerce strategies and how the shopping journeys of buyers have changed after the pandemic. The MM21SG continues to be a beacon of innovation, fostering growth and success in the world of eCommerce. Due to Singapore government regulations the in-person event was limited to 50 attendees only and the rest of the participants joined us virtually. 

Meet Magento Singapore 2022- The return to in-person events with #MM23SG trending #1 on Twitter

History of MM23SG

The fifth edition of Meet Magento Singapore returned to a complete in-person track, receiving amazing traction from attendees globally. Just like all the other editions, MM22SG was organized at our venue from the start, the architectural marvel of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The true positive reception of the day is attributed to our packed ballroom with over 200+ attendees, 34+ speakers, and 11+ sponsors. 

The conference was filled with enlightening sessions, networking, and insightful discussions. The exceptional lineup for panel discussions, solution and business tracks discussed leading innovations and insights around customer experience, cryptocurrency, eCommerce, cybersecurity strategies with Adobe Commerce, the increasing interest and adoption of a MACH commerce architecture, the game-changing potential of conversational commerce and much more. The best part, however, was meeting and networking with industry professionals after 2 years of virtual and hybrid editions, reiterating our trust and sense of commitment to the entire community.

Meet Magento Singapore 2022 was a grand success as we saw inspiring and invigorating talks focussed towards the innovation and future of digital commerce and transformation, with the hashtag, ##MM23SG, trending top on Twitter on 25 Aug 2022. 

Mark your calendars for 17th Aug 2023 as MMSG  returns at Marina Bay Sands

Insights, Innovations and Interactions, this is our motto at Meet Magento Singapore, one we abide by and follow whole-hearetedly while organizing the event. Following the same zest and enthusiasm, Meet Magento Singapore is back with its 6th edition on 17 Aug 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Tickets are now available for sale here.

History of MM23SG

For attendees, an #MM23SG ticket includes access to an all-inclusive experience encompassing enlightening sessions, breakfast, lunch, networking drinks, invaluable insights, and a captivating panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. Interested attendees can buy tickets available during Flash Sale, Early Bird, and Standard ticket sale. The flash sale includes only a limited number of tickets available at the most discounted prices. 

To learn more about the ticket sale, agenda, speaker lineup, and sponsors, visit the website: www.meetmagento.sg.  

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