5 Ways Drupal CMS is Empowering the Digital Healthcare Industry


The healthcare landscape has undergone massive changes in terms of disease patterns, demographics, and regulatory compliances. Technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and Big Data have also given new dimensions to the healthcare industry. In the present digital era, patients also prefer a platform where they can schedule appointments, check their lab results & reports, and track their health at their convenience. Here, Drupal can be of great help.

Drupal, a scalable and flexible content management platform, is spearheading the digital innovation in healthcare with its elegant backend solutions, strong community support, trackable content editing and deployment process for HIPAA compliance, and other exceptional features.

Let’s take a look at how the healthcare industry is evolving with Drupal.

1. Engaging User Experience

People who are facing health-related issues always look out for an online platform where they can quickly locate the right physician, find prescriptions, medical records, and other vital information. In such a case, an intuitive website can help healthcare providers create an impactful digital experience for patients.

Drupal is the right choice for developing flexible, responsive, user-friendly, and engaging websites and web applications for healthcare organizations. Drupal provides a customizable dashboard that can be easily managed even by a non-techie. Moreover, websites built on Drupal provides faster page load speed, enabling uninterrupted and better interaction with patients.

2. Third-Party Integrations

Better connectivity is the key to success for healthcare organizations as they need to integrate their web applications with third-party APIs for smooth transmission of information between different healthcare sectors.

Drupal is a robust and highly extensible CMS that facilitates seamless integration with third-party platforms. Physicians can share medical information and details of patients with the relevant doctors and hospitals in an extremely secure manner. In addition, patients can also access their individual medical records.

3. Multilingual Feature

According to a report, the global healthcare market is anticipated to reach $11801 billion in 2021. As the healthcare industry is growing fast at the global level, it is crucial for healthcare service providers to have a website that can furnish information in the local languages of patients.

Drupal, with its multilingual feature, helps healthcare organizations showcase content in every regional language without creating a huge number of new nodes, thereby targeting more locations and reaching a broader audience.

4. Security

Healthcare providers are required to store a huge amount of records, data, and digital assets. Patient privacy is also of utmost importance. Thus, the security of information is the key concern for this sector.

Drupal stays on the top when it comes to security. Drupal account passwords are strongly encrypted and repeatedly hashed when stored in the database. The encryption system can be configured to pass the HIPPA, PCI, and state privacy laws. Besides, only administrators can decide who can access a particular piece of information.

5. Mobile Responsive Themes

According to a study, the number of smartphone users in the world will be more than 5 billion by 2019. As more and more people are using mobiles for accessing information, healthcare organizations can’t overlook the benefits of mobile compatible websites.

Drupal comes with responsive themes that fit screen sizes of all devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop, thus providing a better browsing experience to patients. In addition, responsive themes decrease the loading time of websites on mobile devices. Google also takes into account the websites that are optimized for mobiles.

Your healthcare organization is providing outstanding patient services, but the need of the hour is to expand your services on digital platforms so that more and more people can get benefited. By choosing Drupal for your healthcare website development, you not only increase your reach but also make a giant leap in your digital transformation journey.

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