5 Reasons to attend Meet Magento Singapore

Meet Magento Singapore 2022

The most awaited conference in Singapore is back with the Meet Magento Singapore (MM22SG) on 25 Aug 2022 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Like every year, Meet Magento Singapore is organized by Ranosys.

The powerful growth of eCommerce in Singapore and other APAC countries

Singapore has become a hub of customer-driven innovation and leveraging leading-edge technologies to create, launch, and expand IT solutions. With the extensive and continuous support of the Singaporean government in growing eCommerce operations, several home-led and global brands have been exploring the region to boost online sales and productivity. In fact, initiatives and incentives such as the eCommerce Booster Package and SMEs Go Digital Programs have invoked a higher interest amongst local and global organizations to launch similar solutions and boost customer confidence.

There has been a radical growth of the eCommerce market in Singapore, assisted by the high-speed internet connectivity, tech-savvy population, a transformative ICT infrastructure, and the government’s efforts toward becoming a digital-first nation. As a result, reports suggest that the eCommerce industry in Singapore will be worth S$7.5 billion (US$5.4 billion) by 2025. That is 5x the industry’s value in 2016, and with the expected CAGR of 9.9% during the period (2021-2025), these numbers seem easily achievable.

Meet Magento Singapore – A global event at the convergence of innovation and technology

The global Meet Magento Association is known for empowering enterprises, practitioners, solution providers, and merchants of the community with the much-needed industry knowledge and insights to create the next in the digital ecosystem. Worldwide, it organizes meetups, conferences, and events to cultivate ideas about Magento’s future and build endless relations with business persons and developers.

Meet Magento Singapore is a global convention centered around digital commerce and transformation, along with how leading-edge tools, applications, and platforms can help deliver the WOW experience to our customers and help them excel. The global event brings together the entire Magento community – merchants, customers, industry leaders, and Adobe stalwarts – under one roof to discuss the recent developments, market trends, and possibilities in the space.

Known for its impressive line-up of speakers, thought-provoking topics, must-attend after parties, and impeccable hospitality, Meet Magento Singapore is an event that binds the Magento ecosystem together and celebrates its milestones with full fervor and vigor.

Why should you join Meet Magento Singapore?

Now coming to the only question in your mind, ‘Why should I attend Meet Magento Singapore?’
Here are 5 reasons as to why you should attend the Meet Magento Singapore conference this year.

#1: Exploring the opportunistic hub of eCommerce in Singapore

Statistics suggest that the e-commerce market in Singapore is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.2% from S$7.8bn (US$5.9bn) in 2021 to S$14.2bn (US$10.7bn) in 2025. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing digital economies in Southeast Asia.

Set up in a growth-driven ecosystem, Meet Magento Singapore explores the opportunities and possibilities around eCommerce innovation and development in the region and how merchants and retailers can benefit from this forward-thinking economy. The purpose of this conference is to bring together the dynamic e-commerce network and be able to share success stories, case studies, the way forward for eCommerce, and much more!

#2: Trends, insights, and knowledge related to the growth of eCommerce in the SEA region

At present, there are approximately 260 million users in the SEA region, making it the 4th largest market in the world and the region’s B2C e-commerce market is estimated to be valued at US$770 billion. The maturation and rapid progress of SEA’s leading eCommerce companies continue to play a critical role in the rise of digitization and commerce.

Meet Magento gives you the opportunity to learn about the latest eCommerce developments and trends in the SEA. These insights will positively influence your business growth and expansion strategies in the region and help you garner maximum online traction and traffic.

#3: Listen to the success stories of growing brands in the APAC region

The success of digital commerce in the SEA region is attributed to the two pillars of enablement:

  • The immense trust of consumers in online shopping
  • The policies and initiatives that has cultivated an environment of digital growth, innovation, and sustainability in the region

The strategic location of Singapore in the heart of South Asia makes it a popular hub for world trade and logistics. This has further fueled the expansion of several local brands overseas and of global brands in the country. Moreover, Singapore lies in the middle of several shipping routes, which makes it easy to export and import products.

Singapore aims to become an eCommerce hub of Asia, which is why it empowers its workforce with the digital skills and capabilities required in the digital-first economy. This has supplemented the growth and success of several brands in the region. Meet Magento Singapore provides you the opportunity to meet the faces behind these success stories and listen to their inspirational sessions.

#4: Network with the leading enterprises, merchants, developers, & agencies in the region

Meet Magento Singapore 2022 will be an excellent opportunity for Magento Community members to establish new contacts and build business networks with over hundreds of leading enterprises, merchants, developers, and agencies in the SEA region. This global event gives you an opportunity to network with the biggest pioneers of the eCommerce industry, Magento experts, Magento developers, Magento Partners, and service providers.

Of course, as you grow your network in the community, you explore better business prospects, improve the lead generation process, and get invited to luncheons and similar events in the future.

#5: Explore more about customer experience and success in the SEA

CX is the most exciting opportunity for any organization in the SEA region and many companies are increasing their efforts and focusing on customer experience as a way to stand out from competitors and improve marketing performance.

At MMSG, we understand how superior experiences can be a critical asset and a key differentiator for a brand, which is why we’ve divided our tracks to suit the best interests of our attendees. The COMMERCE TRACK will cover details around how innovation and transformation in the digital commerce ecosystem can help deliver excellent and next-gen features and capabilities to customers. It includes the latest eCommerce and market trends and is suitable for eCommerce managers, merchants, retailers, sales, and partner managers.

On the contrary, the EXPERIENCE TRACK discusses the importance of a digital-first experience. It will provide you with insights into forging successful consumer journeys to improve the personalized customer experiences for your consumers.

We’ll be waiting for you at Meet Magento Singapore!

If you are passionate about Magento and want to be well-versed with the latest trends, you can’t miss the Meet Magento Singapore 2022 event.

Register Today: https://meetmagento.sg/meet-magento-sg-2022-tickets/ & get ready to have a fun and insightful day at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on 25 August 2022.

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