Ranosys launches Osprey- a headless eCommerce accelerator built on commercetools

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Ranosys, a global digital agency, known for its client-centric and competitive digital commerce solutions, has launched Osprey, the MACH-based, commercetools accelerator for global retailers.

According to its release, the value proposition of Osprey by Ranosys is to accelerate the go-to-market process from months to 6-8 weeks, minimize the risks and challenges involved, and launch a robust, open, flexible eCommerce architecture for the future.

“Today’s digital economy is more driven towards product experiences than product features. More than ever before, online retailers desire commerce solutions that reduce their time-to-market, leverage the new-age technologies such as microservices, APIs, the cloud, and headless architecture to create differentiated omnichannel experiences, and lower the total cost of ownership. And Osprey triumphantly accomplishes all such propositions and more,” says Rameshwar Vyas, CEO, Ranosys.

Undeniably, the modern digital economy is governed by brand experiences as a true differentiator. Built exclusively by Ranosys’ experts on top of the world’s leading MACH-led experience-first platform, commercetools, Osprey is a quick-to-market solution that covers 90% of B2B and B2C retail needs with its ready-to-use functionalities and ensures seamless, agile, scalable, and flexible customizations for the rest. Its pre-coded cartridges, multiple third-party backend integrations, and several pre-built customized storefront themes empower retailers to launch personalized eCommerce shops in 6-8 weeks with rich features, on a low budget, all without sacrificing on quality.

Loaded with features such as smart analytics to gain intelligent business insights about consumer behaviour, pre-packed integrations with ERP, CMS, MarTech, PIM, and more, standardized APIs, business vertical optimization, popular region-specific payment and shipping integrations, pre-embedded customer support, mobile-first approach amongst a few, Osprey is powered with all the rich and in-demand digital commerce functionalities desired by retailers to design world-class and cost-effective digital experiences to their shoppers. Furthermore, Osprey leverages all the best-of-the-breed technologies like microservices, APIs, the cloud-native and headless infrastructure of commercetools, which further iterates its promising potential.

As a Global commercetools Implementation Partner, Ranosys continuously strives for cutting-edge innovation that addresses the prevalent market challenges, lowers operational risks, and offers rich, affordable, and retail-ready solutions that ensure business growth and success.

The addition of Osprey built ground-up on the commercetools platform validates their commitment towards their clients and the global digital commerce community to develop a unified business model, ensure peak retail performance at all times, and enhance digital experiences. In a time when continuous retail disruption is the new retail apocalypse, Osprey helps online retailers, old and new, to stay ahead of the curve and catapult immersive brand experiences for the future.

About Ranosys

Ranosys is a CMMI Level 3 global digital consulting company founded in 2008 in Singapore with offices in the USA, UK, Middle East, and APAC regions. It leverages the power of platform partnerships, experience design, and cutting-edge software technologies to drive digital transformation, eCommerce, and product engineering initiatives. Ranosys addresses the various milestones in a company’s digital transformation roadmap, identifying, designing, developing, deploying, and measuring their digital skills. Their experienced and expert workforce renders solutions that secure their client’s lead in the digital community.

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About commercetools

commercetools is the world’s leading enterprise feature-rich eCommerce platform based on the MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud, and Headless) approach that empowers brands to create omnichannel, scalable, and engaging commerce experiences across all touchpoints. Named as Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, commercetools leverages all the modern and much-needed functionalities to truly build immersive experiences scaled to the future. Know more about our commercetools offerings here.



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