Congratulations for Accomplishing ISTQB Certification!

ISTQB Certified Team

It is with immense pleasure that Ranosys announces the accomplishment of the ISTQB foundation certification by two of its quality analysts: Shivani Sain and Bijay Laxmi Sharma. The certification provides proof of their capabilities in the key concepts and best practices of testing. It is an internationally accepted recognition, which further vouches for the quality of Ranosys resources. Quality is vital in terms of software development as good quality product lowers the cost of maintenance for our clients in the long term. It is a continuous and systematic process that improves the reliability of the product.

ISTQB® has created the world’s most successful scheme for certifying software testers. As of June 2013, ISTQB® has issued over 307,000 certifications in 70 countries worldwide, with a growth rate of approximately 12,000 certifications per quarter. Indian Testing Board (ITB) is responsible for the ISTQB certification program in India which provides benefits to quality analysts for the adoption of more structured testing practices.

Ranosys is a process-oriented company and we follow well-defined procedures established for quality control. Our motto is to provide quality tested solutions to our clients and the achievement of the ISTQB certification upholds our commitment towards this goal.

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