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Ranosys is proud to announce the accomplishment of SCRUM Master certification by 3 of its team leads – Divya Arora, Kalicharan Rajput and Bharat Mungarh. This certification stands testimony to their project management skills right from project planning and control, client communication to delivery. They have been instrumental in promoting the principles of Scrum and other project management methodologies within the organization and have reined in cost and schedule overruns.

Scrum is a software development methodology in which the product development is done in iterations as compared to the sequential approach adopted in waterfall method. This makes it more agile and flexible to adapt to changing requirements and priorities and unforeseen challenges. It is therefore considered most suitable for managing product development and requires close collaboration of all key stakeholders to work as a unit.

Miss Divya Arora, when asked about her experience in achieving the Certified Scrum Master certificate mentioned, “While working with Ranosys from past few years, I have gained deep knowledge in managing iterative practices as well as change management and realised the many benefits it has to offer. Hence, I decided to go for the Scrum Master certification as I wanted to better myself at it and sharpen my skills further.

Thinking hard and adopting all parts of SCRUM on a daily basis in projects, it took me about 6 months to effectively learn the nitty gritties of SCRUM and finally I took a step forward to achieve the CSM certificate. It is the result of many sleepless nights to effectively achieve the Scrum Master Certificate???

Ranosys is committed to adding value to its clients and adopting project management methodologies like Scrum will help our clients reap in the benefits by ensuring improved quality of product, faster time to market and better risk management.

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