London FinTech Week 2019: A Rundown

London FinTech Week 2019

The London FinTech Week took place from 5th to 10th July 2019 in London, the heart of the FinTech Revolution. The event featured a series of meetups, hackathons, conferences, and networking sessions. Over 400 delegates per day from 50 countries and over 2,000 participants, including bankers, executives, government, researchers, and investors graced the summit.

Ranosys, a leading IT partner for FinTech around the world, joined the conference to keep abreast with the latest innovations, global challenges, and key trends that are likely to disrupt the financial services industry in the future.

The first day of summit commenced with the opening remarks by Dr. Jane Thomason, CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact. Jane threw light on global FinTech developments, including FATF regulatory threats, Facebook coin, and emerging markets. She also announced the new vision and future plans for the FinTech Week.

Moving forward, the conference featured many engaging and insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and debates followed by a drinks reception. Some of the important topics covered during the summit include London in the Future of FinTech, The Future of Money, Most Disruptive Trends in FinTech, Commercial Uses of Blockchain and Digital Assets.

The second day of the conference also marked its beginning with the opening remarks by Dr. Jane Thomason followed by brilliant talks on FinTech Rise in Asia, Is London still the FinTech Capital, and what does it take to go from Startup to Success in Financial Technology.

The agenda also included Blockchain Business and Blockchain Developer Seminars to help organizations analyse the suitability of blockchain technology for their businesses and give blockchain developers an overview of Blockchain scalability solutions and emerging technologies.

The event concluded with the closing remarks followed by a drinks reception.

Team Ranosys had a wonderful and info-packed time at the event learning key disruptive trends impacting the financial ecosystem and indulging in meaningful conversations with the delegates. Looking forward to the next one.

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