Excerpts from Singapore Magento User Group Meetup – Sept 2017

Singapore Magento User Group Meetup – September 2017

Hosting an event is a great way to strengthen the bonds with the clients, attract new customers, and create buzz around your business. The Singapore Magento User Group is one of the most active Meetup groups in Singapore. The passion for eCommerce and Magento platforms encouraged Ranosys to commence Singapore Magento User Group Meetup every month. In the Meetup, we invite top Magento experts to discuss and debate how various features of Magento and emerging trends in eCommerce can add value to the customers and the store owners.

This time, the event was organized at Microsoft, Singapore, on September 6, 2017 and was graced by Magento experts from the UK, Singapore, and India, who shared their insights about the impact of AI on retail, how to drive eCommerce growth by leveraging the logistics, and how mobile UX can impact your eCommerce sales.

Important Agendas of the Meetup

Discussing the relevance of Artificial in the present context, Anand Ramdeo – Managing Director, EMEA Region, Ranosys – threw light on the domains where AI is being used and how retail can be empowered by this technology. He made the entire session interesting by putting forward some amazing cases of AI in Magento, retail, and other domains. Anand has previously worked with software powerhouses such as Amazon, IBM Rational, etc., and has also served as a consultant to big brands across the Europe.

Go through the entire presentation here:
AI in Retail – Magento Meetup

Feel free to click the below link to watch the video of Anand’s presentation.

Our other esteemed guest speaker was Senthil Kumar, the Head of Sales for DHL eCommerce, Singapore. He has over 15 years of logistics experience, managing operations in warehousing and transportation across the freight, express, and postal industries. He shared information about the latest trends in the eCommerce market, various shipping methods, what points you should consider while choosing the shipping method, how to find the right logistics partner and manage the returns.

Watch Senthil’s presentation video by clicking the below link:

In his presentation on the role of mobile UX in Magento eCommerce, Kali Charan (KC) Rajput – UI/UX Lead at Ranosys – revealed various crucial facts about the mobile UX. He elucidated the importance of mobile UX, common UX mistakes, and best practices/delighters in mobile UX.

Go through the entire presentation here:
Mobile UX in Magento – Delighting Users to Buy

Watch KC’s presentation video by clicking the below link:

It was indeed a fruitful session. A big thanks to all the speakers and participants who took out time to join us and helped us make this event a success.

Looking forward to meet you soon in the next Meetup.

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