Embracing Gender Equality at Ranosys

Embracing Gender Equality at Ranosys

At Ranosys, we firmly believe that gender equality is not just a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable workplace. Our commitment to gender equality permeates every aspect of our organization, from hiring practices and pay structures to our workplace culture and policies. Here, we outline the key initiatives and policies that underpin our dedication to creating a gender-equal workplace.

  • 50% of our leadership team are women
  • 20% of our workforce are women
  • 90% of our HR team are women
  • 30% of new hires are women
  • 29% of our managers are women

"Currently, women make up 20% of our overall staff. Recognizing the need for greater gender diversity, we aim to increase this to 40% within the next two years. This goal underscores our commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace."

Rameshwar Vyas, CEO

#1. Equal Pay for Equal Work

One of the cornerstones of our commitment to gender equality is our unwavering policy of equal pay for equal work. We ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, receive fair compensation for their contributions. This policy is rigorously enforced through regular salary audits and adjustments, ensuring that any disparities are promptly addressed.

To maintain transparency, we conduct annual salary reviews where we compare compensation across roles and experience levels. These reviews help us identify any unintentional biases and take corrective measures. Our goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels valued and rewarded for their hard work and talent.

#2. Skills Development and Career Advancement

We understand that equal pay is just one aspect of gender equality. Providing equal opportunities for skills development and career advancement is equally crucial. At Ranosys, we offer a range of professional development programs designed to help all employees enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Our mentorship programs pair experienced leaders with emerging talent to provide guidance, support, and opportunities for growth. We also offer workshops, training sessions, and courses focused on leadership development, technical skills, and soft skills. By investing in the continuous growth of our employees, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

"We are dedicated to creating an environment where every employee has the resources and support they need to grow and succeed. Our commitment to skills development and career advancement is a testament to this."

Sushma Vyas, COO

#3. Anti-Harassment Policies

A safe and respectful workplace is essential for fostering gender equality. Ranosys has implemented comprehensive anti-harassment policies to protect our employees from any form of discrimination or harassment. These policies are designed to create a safe environment where everyone can work without fear of discrimination or harassment.

Our anti-harassment policies include clear guidelines on what constitutes harassment and the procedures for reporting and addressing complaints. We have a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, and any reported incidents are thoroughly investigated and addressed promptly. We also provide regular training sessions to educate employees about these policies and their rights and responsibilities in maintaining a respectful workplace.

#4. Promoting Work-Life Balance

We recognize that achieving gender equality also means supporting work-life balance for all employees. To this end, we offer flexible working arrangements, including remote work options, flexible hours, and generous parental leave policies. These measures help employees balance their professional and personal responsibilities, which is particularly important for those with caregiving duties.

Our parental leave policy is designed to support both mothers and fathers, encouraging shared responsibility for childcare. We also provide resources and support for parents returning to work, ensuring a smooth transition and continued career growth.

"Supporting work-life balance is crucial for fostering a healthy and productive workplace. At Ranosys, we are committed to providing flexible options that help our employees thrive both professionally and personally."

Garima Agarwal, HR Head

#5. Creating an Inclusive Culture

At Ranosys, we strive to create an inclusive culture where diversity is celebrated, and everyone feels a sense of belonging. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to better decision-making, greater innovation, and improved performance.

We actively promote diversity and inclusion through various initiatives, such as diversity training programs, employee resource groups, and inclusive hiring practices. Our recruitment efforts focus on attracting a diverse pool of candidates, and we use blind recruitment techniques to minimize biases in the hiring process.

Employee resource groups provide a platform for employees to connect, share experiences, and support one another. These groups play a crucial role in fostering an inclusive culture and providing valuable feedback to leadership on how we can continue to improve.

#6. Celebrating Successes and Learning from Challenges

We believe in celebrating our successes and learning from our challenges. Regular feedback sessions, employee surveys, and open forums allow us to gather insights from our employees and make informed decisions about our policies and practices. We are committed to continuous improvement and transparency in our efforts to achieve gender equality.

Our leadership team is actively involved in promoting gender equality and setting an example for the rest of the organization. They regularly communicate our commitment to gender equality and the importance of these initiatives, reinforcing the message that it is a priority for everyone at Ranosys.

#7. Looking Ahead

While we are proud of the progress we have made, we recognize that there is always more work to be done. Gender equality is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to making continuous improvements. We will keep evaluating our policies, learning from best practices, and adapting to the changing needs of our employees.

Our vision is to create a workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and succeed. By fostering an environment of respect, fairness, and inclusion, we believe we can unlock the full potential of our diverse workforce and drive innovation and success for our organization.


At Ranosys, gender equality is more than just a policy—it's a core value that guides everything we do. From equal pay and skills development to anti-harassment policies and work-life balance initiatives, we are dedicated to creating a workplace where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We are proud of our commitment to gender equality and will continue to strive for a more inclusive and equitable future for all our employees.


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