Digital India Corporate Pledge – An Initiative by Ranosys


As technology is advancing rapidly, it has become imperative to acquire basic computer knowledge. But, the harsh reality is; many people are still deprived of computer education despite technological advancements in all areas. Though the government of India has taken an appreciable initiative and has launched Digital India campaign with a vision to transform India into a knowledge economy and digitally empowered nation, collaborative efforts from corporate sector can bring in effective technological disruptions.

With an aim to increase the digital awareness in the society and impart technical literacy, Ranosys started the Digital India Corporate Pledge program. This program is an initiative by Ranosys to realize its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) vision and actively contribute to the economic and social development of the country. The first phase of the program was conducted in a Government School, Chokhunti, Bikaner. Team Ranosys shared basic computer knowledge with the students of 9th and 10th standards. The school authority appreciated the effort and urged to have more such workshops in their school in future.

Talking about the program, Rameshwar Vyas, Founder & CEO, Ranosys, said, “Through the Digital India Corporate Pledge program, we strive to support and develop the areas in which our society is lagging behind and bring them at par with the already developed strata. We aim to leverage our technical skills and capabilities to improve digital literacy among the citizens of India and make each individual digitally independent.”

The key highlights of the Digital India Corporate Pledge include:

  • The mission of the program is to provide computer education to increase technical literacy and digital awareness in the society.
  • This program would be spread over four stages starting from basic level computer knowledge to the advanced level.
  • By the end of the program, the target audience will have a clear understanding of computer and related implementation areas.

Giving back to society is an integral part of Ranosys’ value system. We are planning to conduct the second phase of the program soon!

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