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Ranosys, a global Salesforce Implementation Partner, is organizing a free career webinar- How to build a rockstar career with Salesforce Commerce Cloud on June 26, 2021, at 4:00 PM (IST). It invites prominent speakers like Umashankar Arora, VP-Engineering, and Varun Agrawal, Lead Solution Architect from Ranosys.

This webinar approaches the rising prominence of digital commerce development in the IT sector, the growth opportunities in this division, and how budding or professional developers can follow it as a career path backed by an eCommerce offering from the world’s #1 CRM platform- Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


So, why do you need this webinar in the first place?

2020 has been an accelerant for the IT industry, especially the eCommerce sector, expected to reach 4.89 trillion U.S. dollars by 2021-end. Undoubtedly, this figure will grow over the next few years as more online retailers practice borderless eCommerce solutions.

Even before the pandemic, the eCommerce industry was already on a growth and expansion track. However, the global-wide lockdowns acted as a catalyst for its adoption. With more and more people staying and working from homes and shopping online for goods and services, enterprises witnessed a massive surge in their product demand by as much as five years. As a result, even organizations that were not thinking of going online saw profits in the digital market and sped up their digital commerce efforts.

As an increased number of shoppers accessed the internet to buy things, brands faced an apparent need to modernize their traditional systems and adopt platforms that could fulfill consumer demands and offer a fantastic shopping experience simultaneously. These aspects, coupled with the rise of mobile commerce, cross-border selling, and eCommerce market expansion, led to rapid growth in the eCommerce industry.

With more brands starting to look for eCommerce platforms that can replicate their brick and mortar stores, sell beyond geographical boundaries, and offer a seamless product experience to their customers, there is an obvious need for developers and IT professionals who could support this business expansion and cater to their ever-increasing customer base. One such popular eCommerce platform that helps grow online business and build meaningful customer relationships is Salesforce Commerce Cloud. An offering from the world’s No.1 CRM platform, Salesforce- Commerce Cloud delivers convenient commerce solutions that turn leads into customers to repeat customers.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly scalable cloud-based SaaS or software-as-a-service platform that allows developers to build personalized commerce experiences for their customers. Boasting an online community of developers all over the world, Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables them to learn, engage and help each other build what’s next in commerce. Features like order management, AI-enabled predictive analytics for better product recommendations to the customers, engaging commerce experiences, and personalized campaigns exceed brand goals and customer expectations. It is why renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Boggi, Cargill, Stonewall Kitchen, and Univar Solutions adopt the SFCC platform to stay competitive, fulfill customer interests, and create seamless eCommerce moments that inspire and convert today’s connected shoppers.

However, there is a vast gap between the platform and its practitioners, a lucrative career opportunity for talented professionals who wish to learn the SFCC platform and forge a successful Salesforce career. As more and more brands adopt the powerful and flexible SFCC platform, there will be an increase in demand for developers who can build solutions that personalize customer relationships, grow an in-store and online business, and adapt it to modern customer needs. If you’re interested in the prospect of having a Salesforce career path, then there has been no better time than now to build a successful career in this field, backed by Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

What you’ll learn:

 In this webinar, the speakers address:

  • What makes eCommerce development a perfect career choice. The growing prominence of the eCommerce sector due to its flexible, scalable, and easy way to connect with customers and offer them a meaningful experience has led several brands, big and small, to employ eCommerce platforms and launch their online stores.
  • What is Salesforce, and how world’s #1 CRM accelerates your professional growth? Salesforce is a proven leader in the digital commerce arenas. Its powerful eCommerce platform backed by AI-based analytics, data integration, automated delivery and payment process, endless aisle management, etc., allows brands to seamlessly manage their customers across expansive geographical boundaries, turn customers into loyalists, and offer personalized shopping experiences.
  • Why choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud development as a career path? What makes SFCC the best career choice for you? The speakers answer questions pertaining to the SFCC platform and why it is the best career opportunity for you.
  • How to fast-track the learning and become an SFCC expert? This section discusses your career trajectory as an SFCC professional and how to become a lead solution architect. 
  • The growth opportunities surrounding Salesforce Commerce Cloud. What are the learning prospects in this field, and what does the future look like as an SFCC expert?

Our Speakers:

Umashankar Arora is known for his two decade long knowledge regarding Salesforce, OutSystems, Microsoft, and other core technologies. With 18 years of experience in product management, agile scrum development, application architecture in IT solutions, and application development, Umashankar coaches and trains developers who wish to career in the eCommerce sector.

Varun Agrawal has over 9 years of experience as a Principal Solution Architect in Salesforce. He is known for his innovative approach, eCommerce competency, and strategic thinking that helps to solve eCommerce bottlenecks and issues with platform migration.

Post the webinar; you’ll have better insights into the eCommerce industry, its growth opportunities, and how you can leverage Salesforce Commerce Cloud to build a rewarding career for yourself. You’ll know where to start from, how to get a Salesforce job, what to expect from SFCC, and how to make yourself known in this profession. If you’re staring in the 4.8 trillion U.S. dollars barrel and wondering how you can make a long-term career in it, this webinar will clarify all questions and doubts for you. There is always a need for innovative developers who could implement the solutions their customers need, and you can be one of them.

Join us on June 26, 2021, at 4:00 PM (IST) to learn more about this lucrative Salesforce career opportunity. 

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