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Ranosys, an award-winning Adobe Solutions Partner, organizes a free webinar- Acquire and convert B2B clients with Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo on June 24, 2021, at 11:00 AM (BST). It is led by Maurizio Stella, Director of Commerce, and Praneet Kaur, Marketo Consultant from Ranosys. 

This webinar discusses the key challenges faced by modern marketers in today’s complex B2B ecosystem, how Magento Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo’s combined potential can remedy those challenges and improve B2B client acquisition and conversion efforts.


So, why do you need this webinar in the first place?

A customer’s online journey consists of several stages: awareness, interest, desire, action, and retention. First, a customer becomes aware of your brand. Second, they show an interest in your offerings. Third, they express a desire to purchase your offerings. Fourth, they complete their purchases, turning from prospects to customers. And fifth, is when your marketing strategies are able to retain a customer and encourage them to repeat their purchases. 

Throughout this journey, a customer comes in contact with a brand several times, at different stages of the marketing funnel for different reasons. However, the tedious thing for brands and marketers is to know a customer’s stage in the journey before pitching them with relevant content, services, and products. Even if you can decipher a customer’s current stage, figuring out how to nurture them in their present stage while engaging and encouraging them to move to the next stage is a monumental task. 

Customers know their worth, and they also know what they want. So, unless you’re aware of their interests, desires, behavior, demographic information, and other similar details that play a part in bringing customers to a marketing funnel and pushing them into it, you need a more robust marketing approach than a simple traditional lead nurturing campaign. You need to customize every customer conversation and offer a seamless product experience at every touchpoint and stage of a customer’s online journey. The lack of proper customer engagement strategies and personalized communications leads to incomplete purchases or cart abandonment, ultimately hampering your B2B sales, conversion rates, ROI figures, and B2B client engagement strategies. 

But that’s not it- the modern B2B buyers are so inspired by the sleek B2C online buying experiences that it has become imperative for brands to optimize their B2B online buying process and offer something similar on the lines.

That said, the big question that brands and marketers have is: how do we bring back those prospects to the marketing funnel and convert them into customers?

For starters, brands need a marketing strategy that considers the existing customers and their needs along with the prospects who could have turned into customers had they not left their carts astray. The lost interest of a prospect becomes even more challenging for a B2B business that already deals with a very compact client base. Since offering seamless and engaging B2B end-to-end customer experience is always a top priority for marketers, the only way to achieve such goals is to combine lead nurturing campaigns with the power of marketing automation to automate and personalize customer engagements.

As a B2B brand marketer, you need to assess your professional buyer’s current and future needs and advise them on how you meet them. Buyers today don’t just buy products; they buy experiences. And positive product experiences lead to an increase in customer satisfaction, boost your chances of being selected as a vendor, and future-proof your business, all while unlocking the additional benefits of digital commerce.

Brands can achieve all these goals and more by connecting the potential of their commerce and marketing automation platforms. Even if you have achieved excellent B2B results from Magento Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo platforms individually, together, they have the power to deliver the right content, at the right time, on the right channel, to the right customer every time, ultimately leading to higher conversions and better ROIs.

What you’ll learn:

In this webinar, the speakers address:

  • A B2B customer’s online buying journey: awareness, interest, desire, action & retention stages. Every stage is governed by some set rules and activities to ensure a customer stays immersed in the marketing funnel. A marketer’s goal is to encourage them to move to the next stage of the B2B buying process. 
  • The key challenges faced by marketers in today’s digital complex B2B ecosystem. No enterprise can afford to lose a customer’s interest. This section discusses the various aspects of an online customer experience that interests a B2B buyer: easier and faster checkout process, auto-repeat ordering, quicker delivery, tracking option, relevant resources, and more. 
  • How Adobe Commerce and Marketo Engage can remedy those challenges. The unique features of both these platforms together creates a robust B2B client acquisition and conversion strategy that brings your customers through the buying journey seamlessly.
  • How to acquire and convert more B2B clients using these platforms together. When your enterprise employs both Magento Adobe Commerce and Marketo Engage together, you can track every customer throughout their buying journey and create nurturing campaigns that are more customizable and relatable.

Our Speakers:

Maurizio Stella is known for his innovative and customer-centric eCommerce approach. His motto in life: to help companies define, develop, maintain and grow enterprise eCommerce solutions. 

Praneet Kaur Bhasin, an avid Marketo Consultant, helps enterprises reap benefits from the marketing automation platform. She offers the best-practice advice, hands-on assistance and strategic guidance you need.

Post the webinar; you’ll have a better understanding of a B2B customer’s online journey, B2B marketing automation, and how to offer a practical B2B on-site customer experience with Magento Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo Engage. As a result, you’ll finally be able to crack the bottlenecks in your B2B client acquisition and conversion strategy and overcome them.

With B2B buyers’ growing familiarity with digital commerce channels for online purchases, it is only a matter of time before all B2B purchases happen via an eCommerce platform. It is both a lucrative and tedious opportunity for a brand, depending on how you see it. Even if you’re happy with your B2B eCommerce sales, there is always room for improvement. Digital commerce combined with marketing automation only betters your connection with your customers and ensures that they remain brand loyal always. So, don’t miss out on an insightful learning opportunity!

Join our webinar where we walk you through the combined potential of Magento Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo Engage, and how it enhances your B2B client acquisition strategies and conversion approach.

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