5 Reasons Why Magento 2 is the Right Choice for B2B eCommerce

5 Reasons Why Magento 2

If you run a B2B business, you would understand the complexities and sophisticated functionalities it requires. In a B2B business, your customers are nuanced, detail-oriented, and make an informed decision.

As a result, designing and developing a B2B eCommerce solution requires more planning and a robust platform that can enhance your business prospect and ease the buyer’s journey while presenting them with every piece of information they require.

Magento 2 has emerged as a reliable and successful platform for hosting B2B eCommerce solutions. With its plethora of functionalities that bring convenience and agility together to create a memorable eCommerce experience for B2B customers.

In this article, we explore how B2B eCommerce differs from B2C and how Magento 2 is the best platform for it.

Why Choose Magento 2 for B2B eCommerce Solutions

Multiple payment options: A B2B business runs on a wholesale basis and the sales take place in bulk. As a result, the amount of transactions is huge. With Magento 2, you can integrate multiple payment third-party options stressing upon the credit payment system.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of Magento 2’s native functionality that customizes credit extension to individual customers on a basis like –

  • Order Limit.
  • Country of origin
  • Extension of credit limit based on account’s age.

Simple & Intuitive UI: The purpose of a B2C eCommerce platform is to attract customers with engaging design and content. However, a B2B eCommerce website or application needs the navigation to be as simple as possible to facilitate quick discovery and hassle-free bulk purchase.

Magento 2 provides many sleek options for theme customizations to enable smooth buying and product discovery process.

Friction-free and Rapid Ordering: With Magento 2’s friction-free ordering, the buying journey of a B2B buyer becomes quick and convenient. In a traditional eCommerce solution, the ordering process is not built keeping in mind the large volume of B2B purchasing. In Magento 2, they can place orders by entering SKUs, upload multiple CSV files or choose items from a pre-set requisitions list.

In fact, your clients’ sales team can also utilize quote management tools to respond to quote requests and place orders on behalf of the customers.

Custom pricing and catalog: A B2B business depends on long-lasting relationships with clients. Magento 2 provides custom catalog and pricing wherein you can create a specific pricing list and catalogs for different sets of target customers. This facility helps in converting more sales with targeted marketing and facilitates alternate payment systems.

Smooth and Seamless Integration: Magento 2 boasts of the best cloud commerce experience without back-breaking capital and maintenance costs. It has robust APIs and extensions that make integration with legacy systems a smooth and convenient affair. This makes the migration easier.

Wrapping up:

Magento 2 provides more control to the merchant and enables a smooth user experience for the buyers. It has many native functions that reduce its dependency on 3rd party applications and it still makes room for hassle-free integration.

Magento 2 has every feature that can boost a B2B eCommerce business and makes its operation convenient for all. So, if you’re looking for a suitable platform to give your B2B commerce business an online identity, then, Magento 2 is the right choice.

And if you’re already working with Magento 1, this is the time to migrate to Magento 2 as the support for Magneto 1 ends on 30 June 2020.

So, hurry up and chase your success!

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