What’s new in Salesforce Spring ‘20?

Salesforce Spring 20

Salesforce recently released Spring ‘20 with new enhancements and features. Just within a few days of its release, Spring ‘20 has generated lots of buzz. If you haven’t explored the features of Spring ‘20 yet, this blog is a must-read for you. Here we have highlighted a few major features of this new release. Take a look!

1. Sales reps can streamline their workflow with Task-Queue Assignment

Sales reps can set up queues for tasks to share their workload. The members of the queue can view tasks and any individual from the team can take ownership of those tasks without waiting for the work to be assigned.

Image Source: Salesforce

Image Source: Salesforce

2. Automation of complex processes has become easy with API availability

The new Spring ‘20 comes with powerful High Velocity Sales that allows Sales managers and reps to:

  • Branch sales cadences on the basis of email engagement
  • Schedule and manage scheduled emails 
  • Build custom reports of lead outreach and conversions
  • Delegate tasks on weekdays only by turning on the Skip Weekends setting
  • Inspect sales cadences using the API
  • Track progress of sales reps by filtering completed sales cadence tasks
  • Advance sales cadences without a third-party calling or Lighting Dialer

Image Source: Salesforce

3. Get live revenue information through Revenue Recognition Reports

Recognize or forecast revenue at any point during the entire customer lifecycle through CPQ and Billing Revenue Recognition APIs. The API allows you to create revenue schedules and transactions in response to processes and triggers for any Salesforce object . It also helps you align around your revenue targets.

4. Drive better email campaign outcomes with Audience Studio Marketing Cloud

Leverage the enhanced functionalities of Salesforce Audience Studio such as Data Onboarding to connect known customer data to unknown user profiles, Enhanced Lookalike Segments to input your Reach goal, Audience Studio Auto-Complete Search, and the Audience Studio Audit Trail to monitor recent configuration updates.

Image Source: Salesforce

5. Control better – Permission Set Groups

This new user interface allows you to manage permission set groups efficiently. Instead of creating multiple permission sets, you can create a single permission set group for multiple users who need the same specific permissions and give them access in one step.

Image Source: Salesforce

6. Emptying the Recycle Bin is Lot More Easier Now

Now, you no longer need to select individual items or Switch to Salesforce Classic to delete all the items in one go. Salesforce Spring ‘20 allows you to empty your Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience in just one click.

Image Source: Salesforce

7. Create Clone Campaigns or Opportunities with “Clone with related records” feature

The marketer and sales reps need not to find or add the related records as they can now easily include related items using the clone opportunities or campaigns feature of Salesforce Spring ‘20.

Image Source: Salesforce

8. Automate Business Processes with Process Builder and Flow Builder

The Opportunity Contact Role in Process Builder or Flow Builder enables you to add new opportunities that have related contacts. You can also notify the opportunity owner whenever there is an update in the related opportunity contact role.


Image Source: Salesforce

These are a few major updates in Spring ‘20. Connect with Ranosys Technologies, a Salesforce development company with expertise in Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, to make the most of Salesforce major release.


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