The ultimate guide to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary CRM integration

The ultimate guide to Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary CRM integration

The ultimate goal for businesses across verticals and ecosystems is to drive sales. However, in an era where customer expectations change in the wink of an eye and new technologies are rolled every minute, eCommerce businesses are trying to strike a balance in attracting attention across channels amidst the cut-throat competition and delivering personalized shopping experiences at scale. While brands vigilantly focus on attracting, engaging, and delighting customers, one of the critical stages of this customer journey, the repeat stage, is often overlooked. This becomes especially imperative when customer acquisition can cost five to seven times more than customer retention. 

So, how can eCommerce brands foster deeper relationships with their customers and boost customer loyalty? The answer is intelligent eCommerce loyalty systems. These systems leverage leading-edge technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and analytics to help you execute successful customer loyalty strategies and champion the retention stage of your customer's journey. 

In this resource, we discuss why intelligent loyalty platforms are the need of the hour and how to integrate a leading loyalty system, Capillary CRM Loyalty+, into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores. 

What is an intelligent loyalty system and why do you need it?

Undeniably, technology is changing how businesses interact with customers and help them fulfill their needs. An intelligent eCommerce loyalty system is a solution catered in that direction. 

Intelligent loyalty in eCommerce brings about a personalized and data-driven approach to building, maintaining, and scaling customer loyalty. It utilizes data analytics, AI, and customer insights to tailor targeted loyalty programs across online, in-store, and social channels, customized per individual customer preferences and behaviors. Integrating such loyalty systems aims to increase repeat purchases, turn brand loyalists into advocates, and build long-term brand-customer relationships. 

Traditionally, loyalty programs relied on generic point systems or purchase frequency-based discounts to foster customer engagement and loyalty without taking into account unique interests and shopping habits. Intelligent eCommerce loyalty platforms tend to change this approach. Intelligent loyalty systems such as the Capillary CRM Loyalty+ utilizes leading technologies to gather and analyze individual shopper interactions and key attributes such as purchase history, browsing patterns, saved items, preferences, and most searched-for products to help eCommerce brands build an end-to-end customer loyalty marketing strategies and solutions based on the insights derived from the data. The direct impact of implementing such solutions to your eCommerce stores is that brands can then tailor their loyalty initiatives based on a shopper's specific needs. 

Why must eCommerce brands invest in an intelligent loyalty platform?

An intelligent eCommerce loyalty platform like Capillary Loyalty+ innovates and reimagines traditional loyalty programs to ensure that eCommerce brands champion the repeat stage of a customer's journey. When eCommerce brands implement actionable insights from the wealth of customer data gathered, it results in higher retention rates, increases customer satisfaction, and promotes sustainable business growth. 

That said, here is what an intelligent loyalty platform can do for you. 

  • Deliver personalization at scale: Intelligent eCommerce loyalty platforms empower eCommerce brands to offer personalized rewards and vouchers based on individual customer behavior. By gathering insights into the products your customer is interested in, merchants can offer tailored rewards to foster higher engagement with the brand. 
  • Anticipate customer needs and behaviors proactively: Leveraging the power of predictive analytics, businesses can proactively analyze customer needs and behaviors from their shopping patterns and browsing history and offer rewards and incentives that align with their interests.  
  • Artificial intelligence for upselling opportunities: Implementing the power of AI, brands can derive intelligent product recommendations to customers within their loyalty programs, further enhancing their shopping experiences and increasing the chances of repeat purchases. 
  • Real-time engagement: A leading intelligent loyalty platform engages with your shoppers in real-time across all channels, emails, mobile, web, in-store, and social media, facilitating meaningful and personalized interactions and further cementing their emotional connection with the brand. 
  • Continuous learning: Data analytics and AI allow intelligent eCommerce loyalty programs to continuously learn and adapt based on customer behavior and feedback, enabling businesses to refine and optimize their strategies over time.

Introducing the next-gen intelligent eCommerce loyalty system: Capillary CRM Loyalty+ platform 

Capillary's CRM Loyalty+ is an AI-powered intelligent loyalty platform manager that leverages the power of AI, big data, and analytics to gather deep customer insights and deliver personalized engagement and experiential rewards. 

Currently employed by 400+ enterprises across industrial verticals, including retail & eCommerce, fashion and apparel, food & beverages, and quick service restaurants such as Abbott, Domino's, KFC, Bata, HP, PUMA, Pizza Hut, Asics, HP, and more, Capillary Loyalty+ powers 120K+ stores with its 100+ loyalty programs. With its advanced data collection, analytics, and efficient interpretation, the Capillary CRM Loyalty+ platform has built a staunch reputation across 30+ countries - the US, SEA, India, the Middle East, and China- delighting over 500 million customers with its intelligent capabilities.

As an enterprise-level intelligent eCommerce loyalty platform, Capillary Loyalty+ helps you reimagine your loyalty program with actionable and relevant rewards and discounts. Its engagement-focused framework facilitates limitless customizations, digital-first programs & reward models that are quite unique in the market. For eCommerce merchants and brands looking to enhance their overall customer experience and forge stronger emotional connections, Capillary Loyalty+ is a worthy choice to delight and re-delight your customers. Here is what it offers:

Adapts to your tailored marketing objectives: With Capillary CRM Loyalty+, you design loyalty programs that work best for your brand and customers. You can choose from tiers, points, and social or paid programs to tailor loyalty strategies and fulfill their expectations. 

Seamless collaboration: Capillary Loyalty+ allows you to effortlessly manage single-brand, multi-brand, multi-country, and group loyalty programs. This empowers you to collaborate with brands and partners and co-create customer loyalty programs personalized for every shopper. 

Configure real-time rule-based rewards with ease: With Capillary CRM Loyalty+, you can efficiently utilize customizable and easily configurable rules to upgrade or downgrade tiers within your loyalty programs. Also, you can allocate and redeem points and promotions and reward expiry to strengthen the overall effectiveness of your loyalty initiatives.

Turn brand loyalists into advocates: Unlock the power of word-of-mouth marketing by structuring special referral programs to attract more loyal customers with the Capillary Loyalty+ social loyalty platform. Configure multi-country or group loyalty programs to implement intelligent loyalty across channels. 

Track campaign performance & success: Leverage the live dashboard from Capillary Loyalty+ to track campaigns on the go as they're rolled out. This intelligent eCommerce loyalty system provides comprehensive visibility and in-depth reports on program performance and essential metrics like membership growth, demographics, revenue, promotions, liabilities, earn & burn, etc. 

Loyalty fraud detection: Capillary CRM Loyalty+ comes equipped with a robust fraud detection module to ensure the utmost security of your loyalty programs. With this advanced feature, any unusual behavior deviating from the established, trained model is immediately identified and halted in real-time. It also proactively addresses new and previously unreported fraudulent activities, enhancing the integrity of your loyalty programs and safeguarding shoppers' trust. 

Optimize loyalty campaigns on the go: With Capillary Loyalty+, you can optimize your loyalty programs quickly based on the actionable insights gained from performance reports to maximize growth and customer engagement. With its AI-powered Nudge framework, eCommerce marketers can receive quick recommendations on strategic next steps to improve loyalty program performance and ROI. 

While many more data-driven features are available with Capillary CRM Loyalty+, its integration with your eCommerce platform results in improved omnichannel customer loyalty, sales, and customer experience. 

Enhancing customer loyalty with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary Loyalty+

As a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps enterprises worldwide to deliver personalized and secure shopping experiences across channels and empowers merchants to adapt to market shifts flexibly. Built to nurture, engage, and delight stages across a customer's journey, Salesforce Commerce Cloud leverages the power of AI and ML to enable a 360-degree view of customers and drive sales. 

That said, Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration with Capillary CRM Loyalty+ empowers eCommerce merchants to dramatically improve customer loyalty and master all the stages of attraction, engagement, delight, and retention. 

Here we discuss how the integration of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary Loyalty+ empowers businesses to create meaningful and lasting connections with their customers. 

#1: Data flow between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary CRM Loyalty+

The data flow between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary Loyalty+ must be such that there is a seamless exchange of customer information, loyalty program data, purchase history, rewards earned/redeemed, and other relevant insights. This enables a holistic view of customer interaction with the brand and their browsing/shopping behavior, resulting in hyper-personalized eCommerce experiences. 

1.1 Salesforce Commerce Cloud data flow:

  • Customer Information: When a shopper interacts and engages with an SFCC-powered eCommerce store, the platform captures details such as contact information, shopping preferences, browsing history, saved products, etc. All this data together helps eCommerce brands to gain a 360-degree view of customer interactions and behaviors. 
  • Reward Points: Salesforce Commerce Cloud also calculates and updates reward points earned by shoppers for their transactions and engagement with the brand. These reward points or vouchers can be awarded for purchases completed, referrals, or other predefined actions contributing to customer loyalty. 

1.2 Capillary Loyalty+ data flow: 

  • Customer Insights: Capillary CRM Loyalty+ helps you gather actionable insights across channels based on a customer's preferences, previous interactions, shopping habits, etc. This experiential loyalty platform also provides a holistic view of each shopper. 
  • Voucher Management: Capillary Loyalty+ also assists with voucher management that involves the creation, distribution, and tracking of vouchers based on specific parameters such as customer segments, purchase history, or loyalty programs. By personalizing voucher management, merchants can reward shoppers for being loyal to the brand and incentivize repeat purchases. 

#2: Data Integration Strategy

A seamless integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary CRM Loyalty+ results in a bi-directional flow of data, statuses, reward points, and more between the two platforms. 

2.1 Real-time data synchronization:

Real-time data synchronization means customer data, reward points, and voucher statuses are instantly updated across both platforms as soon as any changes occur. This bi-direction flow of data is facilitated by APIs, enabling immediate communication between the systems. 

When a customer interacts with an SFCC-powered eCommerce store, actions such as making a purchase or earning reward points are instantaneously reflected in the Capillary Loyalty+ platform. Similarly, loyalty-related activities, like redeeming vouchers or reward points, are promptly communicated to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

2.2 Data mapping and translation: 

As Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary CRM Loyalty+ leverage different data structures or formats, data mapping defines how specific data attributes from one platform correspond to the attributes in the other and, if required, translate to maintain data consistency.  

For example, customer IDs, purchase details, and loyalty-related data must be accurately mapped to their respective fields in Capillary Loyalty+. This ensures that reward points calculations are based on the correct transactional data and personalized loyalty campaigns target the right customer segments.

2.3 Purchase history and transactions:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud records customers' transactions, including the products purchased, order details, and transaction amounts. This purchase history is shared with Capillary CRM Loyalty+, enabling the loyalty program to calculate and update reward points based on the customer's spending and engagement.

2.4 Reward points and loyalty program data: 

Capillary Loyalty+ manages the reward points system and loyalty program operations. It calculates and updates the reward points customers earn, taking into account their transactions, interactions, and engagement with the loyalty program. The reward points and loyalty program status data are shared with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to ensure consistency.

#3: Personalizing reward points and voucher campaigns 

As an intelligent eCommerce loyalty system, Capillary CRM Loyalty+ provides actionable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and interactions. When this data is integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, merchants can assign reward points based on specific customer actions or purchase behavior. For example, customers who frequently purchase products can receive more reward points, incentivizing their loyalty to the brand and resulting in repeat purchases. Also, merchants can tailor specific loyalty campaigns for new customers or those who last purchased a while ago, enticing them to engage more with the brand. 

#4: Omnichannel redemption 

When customers interact with a brand across different touchpoints, they should be able to earn reward points and vouchers redeemable across channels. A seamless integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Capillary Loyalty+ ensures that customer data and loyalty program information is synchronized in real-time. This means that reward points earned by a purchase initiated in-store will be available for immediate redemption on a social store and vice-versa. 

Such omnichannel availability of reward points and vouchers across channels and platforms enhances the overall customer experience and fosters trust. 

Driving customer loyalty with Capillary CRM Loyalty+

In today's competitive landscape, what's essential is not just attracting more customers but providing a fulfilling experience to customers who choose to invest in your brand despite the competition. That's why implementing an intelligent eCommerce loyalty platform such as Capillary CRM Loyalty+ becomes a crucial requisite. Driven by actionable customer insights, experiential rewards, and hyper-personalized engagement, Capillary Loyalty+ empowers merchants to go beyond the traditional loyalty management approach and cater to each and every shopper's needs and demands. When integrated with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store, it helps you unlock loyalty-delivered sales (LDS) and delight your repeat customers across channels and devices. To know more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration with the Capillary Loyalty+ platform, consult our seasoned consultants today. 

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