End of Mainstream Support for OutSystems 10, Plan for the Future

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The support for OutSystems 10 is finally going to end soon. Yes, you read it right! Amidst all the buzz about the launch of OutSystems 11, OutSystems has put down all the speculation surrounding OutSystems 10. In one of its official blogs, OutSystems has revealed that it will be ceasing its mainstream support for OutSystems 10 by May 31, 2020.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of enterprises operating on OutSystems 10, many questions will be hovering in your mind – how it will impact your business, what should be your future course of action, etc. But, you need not worry as we have got your concern. So, keep calm and read on!

Why OutSystems is Ceasing the Support for OutSystems 10?

OutSystems announced the release of OutSyste1ms 10 in October 2016. With its incredible functionalities and features, OutSystems 10 modernized the enterprises and paved pathways towards digital transformation. Moreover, it succeeded in delivering high-performance and creating a compelling user experience.

Now, you might be wondering why OutSystems is ending mainstream support for this version in such a short span, despite the huge success. Well, OutSystems strives to help enterprises unleash their potential and drive their digital innovation in the realm of fast-shifting customer demands. And that’s why; it provides support for each OutSystems version for a minimum of 2 years from the date of its release. With each new version release, OutSystems rolls out new capabilities, new features, and significant improvements that cater to the business needs of the enterprises and expectations of their customers, simultaneously.

What if you don’t upgrade to OutSystems 11 by May 31, 2020?

When you submit a request for OutSystems 10 support after 31 May 2020, the technical team of OutSystems will help and respond according to the severity level and in agreement with the contracted support. OutSystems will not entertain issues related to bugs; however, in this case, the support team will suggest you temporary fixes.

Further, OutSystems will not release new features, quality fixes, and security patches for version 10. In such a scenario, you will put your business at risk if you don’t migrate to OutSystems 11 by the given timeline. Therefore, if you want to avoid obstacles and run your business smoothly, we strongly recommend you to upgrade to OutSystems 11.

What’s new in OutSystems 11?

In addition to security updates, you can expect the following outstanding features in OutSystems 11.

  • Screen Templates

Screen Templates enable you to develop applications faster with great feel and look. OutSystems 11 comes with built-in Screen Templates with pre-defined logic, styles, components, widgets, and layouts. You can immediately publish and preview screens, created using this feature. However, with OutSystems 11, you can also create your own Screen Templates.

  • App Architecture

With the introduction of Service feature in OutSystems 11, the process of designing complex apps has become a lot easier. Leveraging this feature, you can bring greater agility to software portfolio architecture.

  • OutSystems UI Framework

OutSystems UI Framework offers 60 beautiful pre-built and reusable patterns, reactive web template, the unified library of UI patterns, and a lot more to deliver outstanding user experience and gain momentum for your business.

  • Low-Code Microservices

OutSystems 11 has introduced Service Applications and Service Modules to get rid of repetitive tasks and reduce the time-to-market of the app.

Learn about more features here – https://bit.ly/2Q69aLi

How long is the upgrade process?

Actually, it’s a little bit difficult to have an accurate answer to this question because it may vary for different enterprises. Here, you must take note of the fact that the time frame for the upgrade process completely depends on the complexity level of the installation of the current OutSystems version. Nonetheless, you can touch base with an experienced OutSystems development partner to figure it out.

Migration to OutSystems 11: An Opportunity to Gain a Competitive Edge

How about completing migration at the very moment your competitors begin to plan for it? Sound good, right? With a well-thought-out plan in place and support of a dedicated and trusted OutSystems Partner, you can expedite the process and complete migration ahead of time. And, it will, for sure, give you an edge over your competitors.

OutSystems 11 will bring in several key benefits for your business – agility, governance, visibility across the entire app portfolio, portability and standardized operations, data protection across multi-experience touchpoints, and improved user experience and branding with 60 stunning pre-built and reusable patterns. In addition, the new version will help you overcome legacy gridlock issues. 

So, how Ranosys can help you with seamless migration to OutSystems 11?

Ranosys is the fastest-growing OutSystems Partner, focusing on re-imagining the capabilities of enterprises and unlocking the digital opportunities for business growth. Ranosys has its dedicated OutSystems Center of Excellence (CoE) and offers a complete service portfolio. With its profound integration capabilities, architectural excellence, and comprehensive knowledge of Outsystems, Ranosys helps enterprises reduce the time to market & cost of innovation, and accelerate the digital transformation journey. The global exposure across Singapore, the USA, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar facilitates Ranosys to bring the power of OutSystems in these regions.

The Bottom Line

As the end of support for OutSystems 10 is official now and the countdown to 2020 has begun, it will be a wise decision to migrate to OutSystems 11 today to avoid rushed transition. So, make your move soon and plan your upgrade in advance!

Embrace the power of low-code for your critical business applications.

From development to integration & continuous support, we help you throughout the way.

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