Adobe Summit 2024: Top takeaways from the Digital Experience Conference

Adobe Summit 2024: Top takeaways from the Digital Experience Conference

A few days ago, Adobe Summit 2024, the leading conference for digital experiences, concluded. There, Adobe unveiled a wave of new tools for businesses. These tools leverage cutting-edge AI and real-time data to personalize customer experiences at scale. Over 10,000 attendees from around the world witnessed demos and real-world examples of how these improved Adobe products can be integrated into their workflows.

Beyond Adobe's presentations, the event offered attendees a chance to connect with partners, clients, and vendors. The Community Pavilion buzzed with companies showcasing the latest technology and software through interactive demos.

As a proud sponsor of the year’s Adobe Summit, we first-hand listened to these actionable insights centered around latest innovations in generative AI, delivering personalization at scale, and content supply chain.

An Adobe Solution Partner, it is our passion and duty to share with you some of the noteworthy announcements and insights that expand the Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions to bring data, content and customer journeys together to delight and build loyalty over time.

Here's a look at some key takeaways and announcements:

Adobe Summit highlights & key product feature announcements

#1. Adobe GenStudio

At the Summit, Adobe introduced GenStudio, a new generative AI-first tool to empower marketing teams. GenStudio streamlines the entire content creation process, allowing users to plan, create, manage, activate, and measure brand-compliant content efficiently. This translates to an automated and optimized content supply chain, saving marketers valuable time and resources.

The live demonstrations at the conference showcases GenStudio's impressive speed. It can generate multi-channel content assets in just a few minutes, going from the initial concept to the finished product. Essentially, Adobe foresees GenStudio as a one-stop shop for marketers, comprising all aspects of content creation – from ideation and storage to measurement and activation.

#2. Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant

Another exciting announcement was the unveiling of the Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant. This AI-powered tool promises to streamline workflows and unlock new creative possibilities.

The Assistant manages marketing inefficiencies in three key ways. First, it automates redundant tasks within Adobe Experience Cloud applications, freeing up valuable time for strategic planning. Second, its user-friendly interface allows everyone on the team, regardless of technical expertise, to access data insights and complete tasks with ease. Finally, the Assistant leverages cutting-edge AI to analyze your business's unique data and goals, generating personalized recommendations for new audience segments and customer journeys. This encourages a culture of marketing innovation while adhering to strict brand safety and privacy-first principles.

Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant

“Generative AI enables a fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and their customers, creating a transformative moment for business leaders to drive organizational productivity while delivering new digital experiences. The ability to personalize interactions at scale has become the key growth driver in customer experience management for enterprises around the world, and Adobe is leading the way in making this a reality with powerful generative AI deeply integrated into existing workflows.” - Anil Chakravarthy, President, Digital Experience Business, Adobe

#3. Partnerships and Customer Momentum

Beyond the product announcements that took center stage at Adobe Summit 2024, they also highlighted its commitment to fostering a robust ecosystem through strategic partnerships.

Adobe announced a deepened collaboration with Microsoft. This translates to seamless integration of Adobe Experience Cloud data and insights directly into Microsoft Copilot for marketers. This unlocks the power of generative AI (GenAI) within familiar workflows, streamlining the marketing process. Additionally, a new partnership with IBM Sterling facilitates a seamless connection with their Order Management solution (currently in beta). This collaboration bridges the gap between marketing efforts and order fulfillment, creating a more cohesive customer journey for businesses.

Furthermore, Adobe emphasized its ongoing commitment to expanding partnerships with industry leaders like Google. This focus on collaboration underscores the importance of working together to drive innovation and enhance product offerings across the board.

#4. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets content hub

With the new Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets content hub, teams can now seamlessly distribute brand-governed assets across their organization and external partners, ensuring consistent messaging and visual identity. Acting as a central hub, the content hub facilitates effortless collaboration and access to assets.

Moreover, the content hub serves as a vital link between GenStudio and AEM Assets, enabling users to easily search for assets and leverage them to create personalized variations. With the integration of Firefly in Adobe Express, users can further customize assets to suit specific needs, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of content creation processes.

#5. Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration

At the conference, a major announcement addressed the cookieless future of marketing. The new Real-Time CDP Collaboration empowers brands to navigate this changing landscape.

This innovative solution tackles the challenge of audience discovery and campaign measurement in a world without third-party cookies. It empowers teams to leverage the power of first-party data and collaborate securely with trusted partners, all while prioritizing user privacy.

Here's how Real-Time CDP Collaboration tackles the cookieless challenge:

  • First-Party Data Focus: Brands can leverage their own valuable customer data to discover and reach high-value audiences.
  • Secure Partner Collaboration: The platform facilitates safe and privacy-centric collaboration with trusted partners, maximizing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
  • Data Source Flexibility: Real-Time CDP Collaboration offers a flexible approach, allowing secure data integration from various sources like AWS, Databricks, Google, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, among others.
  • Identity Partner Integration: Partnerships with leading identity providers like Acxiom and LiveRamp ensure audience scalability and campaign success.
  • Real-Time CDP Collaboration empowers brands to deliver personalized experiences and measure campaign effectiveness without compromising user privacy.

#6. Adobe Commerce Storefront

The introduction of Adobe Commerce Storefront at the conference heralds a new era of powerful tools designed to elevate the creation of immersive storefront experiences. This represents a significant leap forward on the frontend, following Adobe's acquisition of Magento. With the debut of Commerce Dropins, businesses now have access to innovative solutions that facilitate the effortless development of micro, serverless frontend components that seamlessly integrate with any framework. This evolution promises to revolutionize the way online storefronts are crafted and experienced.

#7. Federated Audience Composition in Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe also introduced Federated Audience Composition, a new feature within the Adobe Experience Platform. This innovation empowers brands to leverage valuable data stored in enterprise data warehouses directly within customer experience workflows.

Federated Audience Composition eliminates the need for cumbersome data transfers. Instead, it creates a secure bridge, allowing marketers to leverage this valuable data directly within their customer experience workflows. This is made possible by federating data and audiences from a variety of data warehouses and platforms, including AWS Redshift, Databricks SQL, BigQuery, Snowflake, etc.

#8. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites variant generation

Another noteworthy announcement at the Adobe Summit 2024 was the introduction of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites variant generation. Leveraging the capabilities of generative AI, this innovative feature provides brands with the ability to create personalized variations of marketing assets. This cutting-edge feature ensures that the copy is not only audience-centric but also aligns seamlessly with the brand's identity. Additionally, with Edge Delivery Services, brands can guarantee lightning-fast page load times, optimizing the user experience and enhancing engagement.

Moreover, AEM Sites introduces document-based authoring, allowing the broader team to effortlessly create web pages using familiar tools such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This intuitive approach streamlines the content creation process, empowering teams to collaborate efficiently and deliver captivating digital experiences across all channels.

#9. New B2B Capabilities

At the Adobe Summit event, the unveiling of B2B 1.5.0's new features, scheduled for release this summer with an anticipated launch in June. Among the key enhancements showcased were advancements in parent/child company account management, negotiable quote draft functionalities, duplication capabilities, and a versatile quote template system.

One standout feature of this system is its ability to facilitate the creation of pre-approved quotes tailored to specific conditions. This functionality promises to streamline the quoting process significantly, enabling enhanced efficiency and agility in B2B transactions. With B2B 1.5.0, businesses can expect a more seamless and intuitive experience, empowering them to navigate complex transactions with ease and confidence.

#10. New Firefly capabilities

Adobe also unveiled a major update to the Adobe Firefly web application, empowering creators with a whole new level of creative control. This update introduces the groundbreaking "Structure Reference" feature.

Structure Reference allows users to leverage the structure of an existing image as a template for generating new images. This eliminates the tedious trial-and-error process of crafting the perfect prompt to achieve the desired layout. With Structure Reference, users can simply provide an existing image and have Firefly generate multiple variations that maintain that same fundamental structure.

Furthermore, when combined with Adobe's existing "Style Reference" capability (which applies the style of a reference image to your prompt), users gain an unprecedented level of control. This powerful combination allows creators to reference both the structure and style of an existing image, dramatically accelerating the process of bringing their creative visions to life. By simplifying the creative process and delivering state-of-the-art visual quality, Structure Reference positions Adobe Firefly as a leader in the field of AI-powered image generation.

Adobe new firefly capabilities

#11. Adobe leads the charge against deep fakes

In a world increasingly susceptible to manipulated content, Adobe addressed the growing concern of deep fakes at the recent Adobe Summit 2024. Deepfakes, hyper-realistic AI-generated videos or audio recordings, pose a significant threat to online trust and have the potential to disrupt everything from elections to consumer confidence. To overcome this challenge, Adobe is spearheading an industry-wide initiative focused on content transparency and provenance. This initiative centers around a groundbreaking concept called "Content Credentials."

Think of Content Credentials as a "nutrition label" for digital content. They provide valuable context, including details like who created the content, where and when it was created, and even what tools were used for editing or generation. By equipping consumers with this crucial information, Content Credentials empower them to make informed judgments about the content they encounter online. The momentum behind Content Credentials is promising. Just weeks prior to the Summit, major players like Leica (embedding the technology in their cameras), OpenAI, Meta, Google, and BBC all announced their support for the standard.

With global elections on the horizon, Adobe emphasizes the importance of collective action. They urge industry leaders, governments, and the public to collaborate in restoring trust in digital content. Content Credentials represent a significant step towards achieving this goal.

#12. Adobe Journey Optimizer

Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) supercharges B2B brands' ability to craft exceptional customer journeys. AJO B2B Edition, built within the Adobe Experience Platform, is a game-changer for managing account-specific buyer group journeys. This innovative platform empowers marketing and sales teams alike, facilitating seamless synchronization of efforts. Acting as a cohesive and unified revenue force, AJO B2B Edition empowers organizations to enhance personalized B2B purchasing experiences significantly. Moreover, it serves as a catalyst for refining demand generation strategies with unparalleled precision and efficacy, ensuring that every interaction resonates deeply with target audiences across their unique journey paths.

These are just some of the key insights, there is more that you can check out here:


The 2024 Adobe Summit showcased a future powered by data, automation, and responsible AI. Key themes included effective data management, streamlined workflows through automation (Federated Audience Composition, Real-Time CDP Collaboration), and the efficient implementation of generative AI (GenStudio, Experience Platform AI Assistant). Sustainability remains a priority, while a commitment to continuous innovation promises exciting solutions and experiences for customers. As a proud sponsor of this year's Adobe Summit, Ranosys gained valuable insights firsthand. The discussions centered around cutting-edge advancements in generative AI, achieving personalized experiences at scale, and optimizing the content supply chain. Our team of Adobe experts can help you leverage these insights to enhance your Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions.

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