Unlock financial growth with Adobe RT-CDP and Ranosys

Adobe RT-CDP for Financial Services Use Case

In the rapidly evolving financial landscape, delivering personalized and seamless customer experiences is paramount. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (RT-CDP) empowers financial institutions to harness the power of real-time data to drive customer engagement, enhance decision-making, and optimize operational efficiency. 

Integrate data, create profiles, capture behaviors, govern privacy, and deliver one-on-one personalized experiences across all your destinations with Adobe RT-CDP.

How does Adobe Real-time CDP help?

Integrate data sources to create real-time customer profiles: Know your customers’ wants and needs by unifying your data into actionable profiles in real-time so your insights are always relevant. Easily enrich profiles with business data from any source via built-in connectors for popular platforms, custom APIs, and batch transfers. Manage via a marketer-friendly interface to deliver the right experiences to the right customer at the right time and across the right channel. 

Link online and offline to create a single customer profile: Create a holistic view of your customer by unifying disparate identities and profile information across online and offline channels. Sync segregated customer records such as accounts, segments, opportunities, membership, communication, lead scores, and lifetime value. Manage customers’ known and unknown identities to deliver one-to-many experiences to anonymous states and one-to-one personalization to identified states. 

Link devices and channels to optimize experience across all touchpoints: Plan coordinated, consistent, and data-driven experiences by mapping the user’s profile across all touchpoints, devices, and channels. Deliver optimized and personalized content for your customers across all digital screens and physical touchpoints no matter where or when they interact with your business. 

Centralized customer profiling and identity controls at your fingertips: Easy-to-use interface of Adobe RT-CDP provides powerful and scalable profile management and at-a-glance insights. Drill into each individual profile to view and manage information, attributes, identifiers, communication channel preferences, and more. Discover customer opportunities, behaviors, and events to identify individual customer wants, needs, and intent. 

Manage and enrich profile identifiers to personalize every interaction: Map relationships across various identifiers and validate the stitched identities that create the real-time customer profile. A deterministic algorithm reconciles a customer’s multiple devices, further enhancing mapping and extending the reach and depth of experience actionability in real-time. Build a private identity graph or augment your known customer base by sharing data with partners. 

React to online and offline customer events in the moment: React instantly to customer events to deliver timely, relevant experiences to the right place, at the right time. Time-series events capture customer behavior at every interaction and at every engagement. Build a picture of your customers at every stage of the customer journey to enable smart decisions at the right time. 

Create and manage segments that are universal across all channels: Marketer-friendly segmentation builder to classify audiences across all data types, centralize and make it actionable. Audience classification is valid across all activation points, whether it is group targeting or to execute one-to-one experience delivery. 

Extend your audience's size and reach by sharing segments across two or more businesses: Share segments across two-or-more brands and exchange audiences in a secure, governed, and privacy-centric manner. 

Use AI-driven insights and data science on platform to drive experiences and opportunities: Personalize each user’s experience by serving them with the most appropriate offers and messaging. Drive customer opportunities like cross-sell, upsell, next best action or mitigate churn for any business. 

Built-in governance, compliance, and security controls: Take control over data governance with consent and policy enforcement. Manage data usage by automated alerts and monitoring dashboards across data workflows. Manage every user’s privacy to build and maintain trust. Keep customer data safe with secure cloud tech. 

Let’s understand with a financial services example

Let’s understand with a financial services example

Unlock financial growth with Adobe RT-CDP and Ranosys

Deliver the right experience to the right customer at the right customer and across the right platform with Adobe RT-CDP and Ranosys experts. 

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