8 Adobe Commerce Fastly CDN features for your online store

8 Adobe Commerce Fastly CDN features for your online store

Expectations for websites and applications are at an all time high. If your online stores aren’t fast, secure and highly personalized users can shift to other sites reducing your overall sales and ROIs. An agile, secure, and flexible platform holds the power to deliver exceptional shopping experiences. Therefore, companies are choosing Fastly for their Adobe Commerce online store. Adobe Commerce Fastly enables you to leverage the right infrastructure at scale, improving security, and growing your business. 

In this blog will take a closer look at Adobe Commerce Fastly CDN and how it benefits your eCommerce business. 

Adobe Commerce Fastly CDN: An overview 

Fastly is an edge cloud platform that allows you to deliver secure and scalable digital content delivery services, including websites, applications, and media for Adobe Commerce to deliver superior performance and boost conversion rates. As an online merchant, you know the plethora of competitors in the market and how imperative it is to differentiate your brand. A content delivery network (CDN), therefore, plays an integral role in ensuring your online store stays relevant and trend-centric. And this is where Adobe Commerce Fastly assists can simplify things for you. 

Fastly and Adobe Commerce have a well-established partnership resulting in a robust set of features to optimize your online storefront at no additional cost. Unlike other legacy CDNs, Fastly helps Adobe Commerce store owners to launch content updates instantly, effortlessly manage site traffic, and overall improve loading speed and time. Fastly is known for its powerful content-from-cache feature, where if your page takes time to load, it employs cache info to serve website pages, even personalized ones like shopping cart and product recommendations pages. 

Fastly works on critical bottlenecks of online eCommerce websites to enhance shopping experiences. Let’s look at some of the factors through which Adobe Commerce Fastly can provide security and deliver services for better performance: 

  • Its fast caching capabilities and a robust Content Delivery Network(CDN) for static assets, ensuring the fast delivery of content on your website. 
  • Fastly delivers its CDN service from key access points to the internet called points of presence (POPs). When end users request your control objects, Fastly delivers them from whichever cache locations closest to each end user.
  • Fastly optimize and secure the content delivery operation for Adobe Commerce on the cloud without additional cost. 

How can Adobe Commerce Fastly CDN benefit your online store? 

As customer expectations evolve rapidly, online retailers struggle to ensure high-level performance and seamless user experiences across multiple touchpoints. Content that loads too slowly or interfaces that take time to respond to user actions impact user experience tremendously. With a vision to make businesses deliver fast, secure, and scalable online content experiences, Adobe Commerce Fastly delivers personalized, real-time solutions, all from the comfort of your Adobe Commerce admin panel. Let's delve into the benefits of Adobe Commerce Fastly:

How can Adobe Commerce Fastly CDN benefit your online store?

#1. Enhance web and mobile performance

Business owners worldwide are giving more time and resources to user experience improvements. Users are not concerned with how web pages work or what web hosting provider a company uses, but they are concerned about fast loading speed, quality content and intuitive navigation, especially for eCommerce sites. Adobe Commerce Fastly offers comprehensive features from cutting-edge caching technology to improve website performance and speed and provide content fast. Let’s look at the features that enhance user experience: 

  • Fastly’s CDN can benefit large eCommerce platforms by handling heavy traffic, regulating seasonal and unexpected traffic spikes, and increasing security around transactions. These platforms span a range of industries like retail, hospitality, and financial services. 
  • Adobe Commerce Fastly powerful caching features even accelerates the loading of pages pertaining to personalized content such as shopping cart, login messages, product recommendations, or most recently viewed products.
  • Distribute your eCommerce site in real-time across a global network of strategically placed POPs to reduce latency and increase website and application speed and reliability. 
  • Fastly cache entire webpages with Edge Side Include (ESI), a web standard that replaces dynamic elements with ESI blocks and allows websites to inject visitor-specific HTML before delivering the full webpage to the user. 

#2. Deliver better inventory and pricing management

 Businesses face many inventory management issues that can impact all aspects of your business, from customer satisfaction to gross margin and ROI. Whether it is a lack of real-time visibility across locations or manual processes that result in lost time and increased errors; most businesses, unfortunately, deal with the pains of managing inventory at some point. Adobe Commerce Fastly's Instant purge helps to manage inventories better. If there's any modification on your website, you can update content within 150 milliseconds globally.

#3. Optimize images for higher conversion rates

The webpage load of eCommerce sites is higher than ever mainly due to images. This increases page load time and can negatively impact engagement. As images are the most influential factor when considering an online purchase, with Adobe Commerce Fastly you can reduce page load time, increase scalability and security, and reduce latency. Let’s dive into Fastly CDN features for better image optimization:

  • Fastly Image Optimizer (IO) can decrease page load time by reducing the size, quality or change formats according to devices or channels.  This enables images faster and cost-effectively. 
  • Fastly’s CDN helps push data quickly around the internet on behalf of some of the most popular companies. This is popular with large, high-traffic websites and those offering big media to download.
  • Along with speed and the greater ease of serving more customers simultaneously, Fastly CDNs Magento are better placed to deliver high-resolution video without disruption.

#4. Simpler storefront management while adding more functionality

A business needs proper store management to have effective control on productivity. Store owners need to manage multiple layers of Magento deployments, including WAFs, load balances, Varnish Cache servers, admin servers and more. With a two-tier cache, Adobe Commerce (Magento) Fastly can help you simplify your Magento Management stack. 

  • Adobe Commerce Fastly's network of strategically placed POPs serves content closer to your users, while Fastly's Origin Shield simplifies requests to your origin. 
  • Adobe Commerce Fastly's UI offers even more flexibility to optimize your storefront, like end-user blocking, CORS headers management and integration with other content management systems like AEM or WordPress.

#5. Ensure an always-on online storefront

Customers expect that they can always have a seamless experience while accessing your website or online store. When they can’t, they get frustrated and move to other sites. These abrupt dips in site traffic are caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks or even a flood of legitimate flash traffic, which can also result in downtime.

  • Fastly’s robust, high-performance network ensures that your website can handle traffic seamlessly during peak flash sales times, holiday season, or so. 
  • Adobe Commerce Fastly places one POP as a shield to absorb multiple requests for the same content, and then distribute it to all other POPs. 
  • Adobe Commerce Fastly can also fetch stale content for a page if your original server takes time to fetch the update or goes down abruptly, to ensure that you don’t have to display an error message while your server fetches the right content in the backend, using Fastly Soft Purge feature.

#6. Cache management

Enterprises need effective cache management to retrieve data without slowing down websites. Content delivery to users depends majorly on storage locations called caches. The rules for web caching behaviors and storage are called cache controls. Adobe Commerce Fastly's cache management features improve performance:  

  • With Fastly, your web pages, content, CSS and more in backend data centers are set up to reduce load time and costs. 
  • Fastly customizes Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) for configuration according to your requirements. 
  • Fastly calculates TTL (the maximum time to answer requests for content without consulting the origin server). After TTL expires, you can keep the content in storage, but Fastly won't use it to answer requests. 

#7. Update content globally

To stay competitive, brands must regularly update their websites regarding design, functionality, and content. With Adobe Commerce Fastly, you can implement POPs on your eCommerce site in real time across multiple channels globally. The features that help in updating content globally fast are: 

  • From the Adobe Commerce backend, you can instantly and automatically purge updated content, so your visitors always see the most up-to-date information across a multi-channel strategy. 
  • Fastly’s network of strategically placed POPs brings content closer to your users and Fastly’s Origin Shield requests to your origin, making it easier to update content globally.

#8. User-friendly

In this tech-friendly environment, enterprises want their systems to be easy to use. Adobe Commerce Fastly have easy to install extensions and open source plugins available on the Fastly Adobe Commerce marketplace. Some of the features of how Adobe Commerce Fastly can support your business processes: 

  • Once Adobe Commerce Fastly is installed, you can configure Fastly for your store directly with your Adobe Commerce admin panel. 
  • You can set custom TTLs for some pages, disable caching for personalized content like product recommendations, and identify issues in less than 30 minutes. 
  • Fastly’s Purge requests can be triggered via an API call and requires no login. 
  • On the grounds of being a self-service tool, there is ample documentation available and so is the developer support needed in some scenarios. 

Improve your eCommerce store with Adobe Commerce Fastly 

Adobe Commerce Fastly can help optimize your website performance and enhance users online experience, enhancing brand reputation and loyalty. As an award winning Adobe Solution Partner, Ranosys can assist you in implementing Adobe Commerce Fastly and leverage its capabilities to the fullest. Also, we can help you uncover the right tools, configure them to your online store, all to enhance website performance and speed. 

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