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“Ranosys supports Charles & Keith in elevating its customer experience through dedicated managed services, consulting, integration management, and more. The result - increase in conversions, ROI and improved engineering outputs across tech stack.”

Established in 1996, Charles & Keith embarked on a journey with a profound vision: to craft a global brand that exudes confidence and empowerment, fostering self-assurance in women worldwide. From its humble beginnings as a single shoe store in Singapore, the brand has evolved into an international powerhouse, resonating across continents with over 700 stores spanning Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

At the core of Charles & Keith's ethos lies a commitment to putting the consumer first, exemplified through its dynamic retail experiences both in-store and online. Its stunning range of products include shoes, bags, eyewear, accessories, and fashion jewelry. With an unwavering focus on accessibility without compromising on creativity, Charles & Keith challenges the notion that fashion is exclusive, striving to democratize style and make it accessible to all.

Charles & Keith


Charles & Keith, leveraging the trusted Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) eCommerce platform, desired to embark on a transformative journey to elevate its online performance. Seeking to bolster conversions, enhance ROI, and enrich customer experiences, the Group sought collaboration with a leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner. The aim? To establish a robust framework for consistently managing, refining, integrating, and expanding its eCommerce footprint across key markets like Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. The envisioned managed services roadmap encompassed meticulous audits, seamless version upgrades, strategic store optimization, agile configuration, bespoke customization, indispensable critical support, and seamless integration initiatives. 

At its core, the central objective was crystal clear: to ensure Charles & Keith's SFCC stores remain not just operational but optimized round-the-clock, perpetually delivering an exceptional online shopping experience.



Charles & Keith boasts a rich array of technology tools crucial for maintaining, enhancing, and innovating their digital landscape. From front-end interfaces to eCommerce platforms, payment systems, order processing, shipping logistics, and marketing technologies, every component contributes to the immersive Charles & Keith online experience. Operating globally, Charles & Keith is committed to delivering seamless, personalized, and captivating digital journeys to customers across various regions.

Ranosys has been assisting Charles & Keith in fortifying and expanding their customer experiences in key markets like Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia through bespoke managed services. Their objective? To furnish captivating, interconnected, and locally relevant solutions, ensuring that their complex web of commerce solutions are properly integrated.

The Results

In Charles & Keith's pursuit of digital excellence, Ranosys, serving as their SFCC Managed Services Provider, assisted in optimizing store functionality and enhancing user experiences. Alongside meticulous audits and seamless version upgrades, our SFCC experts integrated local popular solutions tailored to each country, ensuring seamless compatibility with regional preferences and behaviors. Moreover, leveraging the power of Einstein AI within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Charles & Keith further refined and personalized the customer journey by providing product recommendation based on shopper behavior and history. This holistic approach resulted in tangible uplifts in conversions, amplified ROI, and heightened customer satisfaction across Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Saudi Arabia. 

Ranosys remains dedicated to consistently delivering superior digital store performance, empowering brands like Charles & Keith to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of global eCommerce.


Seamlessly integrated newsletter subscription feature to Charles & Keith store, enhancing user engagement and marketing outreach.

Integrated address integration, streamlining the checkout process and improving shipping accuracy.

Implemented multiple shipment integration, enabling customers to manage and track multiple shipments efficiently.

Developed and implemented custom datafeed integration, facilitating smooth data exchange and synchronization across platforms for enhanced operational efficiency.

Integrated localized payment solutions, offering convenient and flexible payment options to customers.

Implemented mobile app auto-login functionality, enhancing user experience by providing seamless access to the platform without repetitive authentication processes.

Successfully integrated virtual payment solution, expanding payment options and improving checkout convenience for customers.

Successfully implemented e-Gift card.

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