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“Competitive mobile applications for Instructors and for Students to enhance the academic capabilities through e-learning concepts. Serviced by Ranosys from conception till support & maintenance.”

Kumon is an educational network founded by Toru Kumon back in 1958 which uses Kumon methodologies to teach mathematics and reading for students around the world. Kumon focuses on individual students' capabilities and provides an individualized plan to enhance the students’ academic ability and independence. Kumon is well established in 50 countries and regions around the world and provides learning opportunities for millions of students. Kumon methodologies are up to date and smoothly adjusting with the latest changes in the current advanced world while adhering to the Kumon philosophy. Therefore, Kumon has become one of the most popular educational institutions among students around the world.

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Kumon continuously strives for achievements in the domain of education as a global leader in the industry.

In their journey towards ultimate success there are facing many challenges and below are few challenges which Kumon is facing currently.

  • High competition in the e-learning industry is affecting Kumon since it mainly focuses on face to face teaching methodologies with the usage of paper based assignments. 
  • High cost for  printed versions of assignments and compact disks for audio clips. 
  • Lack of collaboration between students and instructors while engaging in home based assignments. 
  • Instructors face difficulties in distributing paper based assignments and compact disks which includes audio clips for home based learning students.



Moving towards e-learning concepts while adhering to Kumon philosophy is the main goal of Kumon.

My Center and My Kumon apps supported Kumon to achieve the goals of reducing the wastage of paper and compact disks which includes audio clips and worksheets. Mobile apps improved effective and efficient collaboration among instructors and students. These mobile applications  were considered as a  significant milestone in their-learning  journey.

Key Features

My Center (Instructor/Assistant Mobile Application)

  • Users are able to view student details (Eg- Subjects assigned, Progress etc)
  • Users are able to manage student accounts (Eg- Assign specific levels, subjects etc)
  • Users are able to directly communicate with the students using the app
  • Instructor specific content such as;  Guidelines) are accessible through the app

My Kumon (Students Mobile Application)

  • Users can access audio contents and worksheets through the application based on their specific subjects and assigned levels.
  • The progress on each subject is available in the application.



Admin Portal

  • Users are able to manage Instructors, Centers , Subjects  specific to a country
  • Users are able to upload content accessible by students and also the content accessible by the instructors.

The Result

Today Kumon is successfully moving forward in the e-learning journey with the introduction of mobile applications. Below are major results which Kumon achieved by launching the mobile application through-out Southeast Asian region.

    • Reduction in use of paper and compact disk which resulted in reduction of overall cost and increased net profit.
    • Faced Covid-19 situation successfully by providing a better platform for the students to continue on their studies and the closure of centers did not affect the overall business due the e-learning mobile platform.
    • Increased in productivity of both Instructors and Assistant due to reduction of ad-hoc manual work.


    Allows Students to access audio contents and worksheets of the registered subjects as per the current levels assigned.

    Parents are allowed to view the progress of the child through the My Kumon mobile application.

    Allows Instructors and Assistants to communicate with the Students in a timely and more accurate way.

    Instructors and Assistants are allowed to view the progress of their students through the mobile application.

    Admin users are able to manage instructors and contents of the mobile applications specific to countries.

    Technology Stack

    Mobile Apps



    Other Tools


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