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“Mothercare helps mummies and babies to start their eternal bond by delivering their needs at doorsteps with Ranosys commerce experts.”

Mothercare is the world's biggest and most trusted retail specialist in newborn and parenting products which was founded in 1961 by Selim Zikha and James Goldsmith in United Kingdom. They have built a strong reputation by ensuring quality, safety and innovation in the products and services for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and young children. Mothercare currently operates in regions such as Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America with over 1,306 physical stores.

Apart from physical stores, Mothercare currently has a strong presence in the world of eCommerce stores as well. According to a 2018-19 report, Mothercare has a worldwide revenue of £1,071m which comprises sales from both physical and online stores. However, Mothercare’s main focus in 2020 is to move towards the growth of eCommerce stores over physical stores.

Industry : Retail & eCommerce, Fashion & Apparels


Mothercare is considered to be one of the most trusted brands among mothers and mothers-to-be because of its high quality. Therefore, it is important to keep the high standards of quality in both physical and online store services.

In the process of keeping up with the brand name, Mothercare Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong faced challenges in their eCommerce stores. As Singapore is powered on Magento Commerce with Malaysia & Hong Kong as Multi-site, the performance of the online store, specially during the peak traffic times, was not up to the mark. This disappointed many loyal customers and resulted in a potential loss of sales.


Improving the performance of all three online stores (Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia) was the primary goal of Mothercare. Another key goal was to ensure that the customer experience mirrors the quality of the Mothercare brand not only on the web but also on mobile which accounts for over 60% of total commerce sales.

Key Features

Platform: Magento Enterprise
Payment: PayPal, Asiapay, OCBC
Shipping: Ninja Van
Email Marketing Automation: Emarsys

The Result

High performance eCommerce site is the key to a successful journey. Below are the major results which Mothercare achieved after improving the overall performance of their eCommerce site.
  • Reduction of Cart Abandonment Rate which resulted in increased sales.
  • High performance eCommerce site resulted in improved conversion rates.
  • Mothercare was able to provide a seamless shopping experience to their loyal customers by improving the performance of the site as well as by handling the load in peak traffic times successfully.
  • The fine tuning of infrastructure (AWS) resulted in a huge reduction of infrastructure cost and it increased the net profit.


Ranosys conducted a site audit to understand the key areas which require improvisation.
We optimized the code to ensure recommended Magento practices.
We worked on fine tuning the Infra (AWS) and worked on making the entire site stable.

Technology Stack

Frameworks & Tools
magento commerce
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