Top 5 Software Development Trends in 2020 and the Role of OutSystems

In 2019, the worldwide IT spending was $3.7 trillion and it is forecasted to grow by 3.7% in 2020 owing to increasing investments in mobile, cloud, and big data. As businesses are inclining their focus on digital innovation and heading towards achieving digital excellence, the future of the software industry seems to be promising in years to come.

Today, when innovation is top-of-mind for enterprises and all businesses are putting their efforts to be at the forefront of the race for digital transformation, OutSystems has emerged as a facilitator of faster innovation and enabler of rapid digital transformation. By choosing OutSystems for your app development project, you can stay updated with the software development trends that will take the center stage in 2020.

Trend #1 AI-Driven Software Development will Gain a Huge Traction

The software development approach has been rapidly changing and enterprises are nowadays embracing AI-enhanced solutions. A report by IDC states that at least 90% of new enterprise apps will feature AI components by 2025.

How can OutSystems help?
OutSystems seamlessly integrates the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with software development to provide next-gen AI-assisted development capabilities. The AI components of OutSystems enables enterprises to develop an app that provides optimized efficiency, faster insights, and better customer engagement.

Trend #2 Low-Code Platforms are Likely to Take the App Development by Storm

Low-code technology has revolutionized app development in the past few years and 2020 seems to be another year of tremendous growth for low-code technology. As per the prediction of Forrester, the total market for low-code development platforms will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 40%, reaching $21.2 billion by 2022.

How can OutSystems help?
In today’s fast-changing landscape, innovation has become the new normal. To move up the digital evolution curve, enterprises should continually update their apps or roll out new applications. Here, low-code platforms like OutSystems can help.

Trend #3 Future-Proof Mobile Apps will be the Next Big Thing

Enterprises are turning to future-proofing and modernization of mobile apps to stay ahead of the game and this trend will continue in 2020.

How can OutSystems help?
In this context, OutSystems is gaining popularity as it uses agile and futuristic approach and helps enterprises rethink their legacy applications from the perspective of today’s digital era. Furthermore, OutSystems allows enterprises to integrate IoT, AI, and machine learning capabilities to their apps.

Trend #4 PWAs will Enable Commerce Businesses Go Headless

According to the predictions of Gartner, PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) will replace almost 50% of consumer-facing applications by the year 2020. PWA provides enormous opportunities for businesses to boost their clicks, upselling, cross-selling, retention, engagement, etc.

How can OutSystems help?
OutSystems believes in the power of PWAs and has made PWAs generally available in January 2020. Creating a Progressive Web App with OutSystems provides two benefits – i) a single code base to turn any OutSystems mobile app to PWA without further development, and ii) quick time to market.

Trend #5 Multiexperience Development Platforms will Reshape the Global Business Landscape

Gartner has predicted that by 2023, more than 25% of the conversational apps, PWAs, and mobile apps at large enterprises will be run and/or built through a multi-experience development platform.

How can OutSystems help?
OutSystems has been named a Leader for Multiexperience Development Platforms in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant. Using this platform, it is easy to create fit-for-purpose applications pertaining to touchpoint-specific modalities. OutSystems enables enterprises to deliver a consistent user experience across mobile, web, wearables, and conversational touchpoints.

The Inference

The world is on the cusp of technological revolution and software development trends are likely to impact businesses to a great extent. Staying on the top of these trends is the need of the hour. With OutSystems, you get increased productivity, greater agility, consistent user experience, broad user-base, and faster ROI that helps you gain a competitive edge in the digital era. Reach out to an experienced software development company to learn how you can embrace these trends and reshape the future with OutSystems development.

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