Conversation with Alan Richardson about Software Testing and Test Automation
20 March 2018 | Experts Talk

Follow Alan on There are very few people in the software testing field who have dedicated their career to help other people get better at software testing. I have worked...  Continue Reading

Conversation with Anna Part Two – Conflicting priorities for a tester in an Artificial Intelligence driven world
04 October 2017 | Experts Talk

Recently, we had the privilege of talking to Anna on various aspects related to the software testing. It was a very interesting talk and so we divided our conversation with...  Continue Reading

Conversation with Anna Part One – Journey Towards Test Leadership and the Role of Conferences
26 September 2017 | Experts Talk

Anand : First of all, I would like to thank Anna for taking the time out from her schedule to share her journey, views on test leadership and the importance...  Continue Reading

10 Questions for a Tester Who Enjoys Testing
18 July 2017 | Experts Talk

Anand : First of all, I would like to thank Ajay for taking the time out from his schedule to share his views on various aspects of software testing with...  Continue Reading


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