Digital Transformation

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Reshaping and Digitizing the Banking and Financial Ecosystem

Enabling Digital Transformation through Innovative Solutions

The world of banking, finance, and insurance is in a state of rapid and fundamental change due to which customers expect a seamless personalized experience across multiple platforms. Ranosys delivers all the fundamental financial IT solutions and services that institutions require to optimize their financial operations and speed up innovation. Our developers have the required technical and domain expertise to help organizations build the software solutions they need to grow their business.

We can help in developing solutions which are according to the latest technology and can adapt to customer sentiments and their growing needs. Ranosys offers high-performance and flexible IT services to businesses to let them gain a competitive edge and improve customer satisfaction.

Financial Technology Solutions

Our Banking and Financial IT Services

  • Core Banking

    Core Banking

    With our extensive domain knowledge in building and maintaining banking IT solutions, we help our clients develop reliable software to offer quality banking solutions for their customers.

  • Insurance


    We help insurance companies build a digital platform for their services in multiple insurance sectors which include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Endowment Plans.

  • Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions

    Ranosys delivers well-focused and optimized business IT services to financial institutions - be it developing a mobile app, web application or backend software, our team can help.

  • Business Lending

    Business Lending

    We offer dedicated solutions encompassing a wide range of business lending practices - from loan origination and loan management to user portals and API gateway, we cover all.

  • Risk & Compliance

    Risk & Compliance

    Covering a complete suite of risk and compliance services, our offerings ensure real-time monitoring and analysis so as to comply with regulatory requirements and deliver real business value.

  • Cards and Payment Services

    Cards and Payment Services

    Addressing the emerging digital technologies, Ranosys offers integrated end-to-end solutions across cards & payments that allow companies to redesign their payments offerings.

Our Digital Offering

Digital Transformation

To meet the evolving requirements of customers, gain a competitive edge, and drive innovation, banking, financial institutions & insurance providers are redesigning their business models by implementing cutting-edge digital technologies.

The Digital and banking IT solutions offered by Ranosys cover a wide spectrum of digital technologies to help companies improve products and services, enable customer-centricity, reduce time to markets, and improve Return on Investment. Our solutions enable financial institutions to achieve a consistent digital experience across all channels.

Product Engineering

In an ever-changing business ecosystem and growing customer expectations, companies confront critical business challenges. As a result, they need to accelerate innovation and modernize the product structure to acquire new business opportunities and gain an edge in the existing spheres.

The product engineering team at Ranosys works closely with the clients to gain a deep understanding of the product and the target audience. Our team translate the ideas and concepts of the businesses into a viable and high-performance product with our custom software engineering practices.

Mobility Solutions

As customers are becoming quite active in accessing financial services through their mobile devices, it is highly important for financial institutions to have their own mobile platforms in place. For achieving this, Ranosys builds powerful mobile solutions to deliver personalized and consistent customer experience across all the digital channels.

We offer end-to-end mobility services to help banks and financial institutions achieve their mobility needs and deliver business value to their customers by improving customer engagement and connectivity.

Resource Augmentation (Building an Agile Team)

Ranosys understands the challenges faced by startup and growing companies with limited resources to employ extensive IT personnel; or the big companies who want to set up an independent team for better ROI. We offer flexible resource flexible engagement models and provide companies with on-demand skills and resources.

With our quality-focused approach and years of experience across the BFSI industry, our resource augmentation services are defined to meet the company's unique business objectives and technical needs.

AI-Powered ChatBots

The exceptional abilities of chatbots like exhibiting multitasking behavior, responding to automated queries, and enhancing customer engagement, have clearly disrupted the FinTech Industry. Chatbots allows companies in significant improvement in productivity and customer service, and at the same time reducing cost.

Keeping these in mind, Ranosys has partnered with for developing enterprise-grade chatbots. Our experienced and dedicated developers build intelligent virtual assistants that add value to your business and can improve ROI.

Independent Testing

To meet the growing demands of the customers, banking and financial institutions are continuously introducing newer products and services to the market. As these products and services handle crucial and sensitive information, it becomes important to test them thoroughly in order to carry out smooth operations.

Ranosys provides end-to-end testing services covering time tested and innovative testing solutions for all businesses across the industry. Our portfolio of specialized testing services and cutting edge testing strategies ensures proper functioning of the services, optimizes costs and resources, and ensures faster time to market.

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