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Ann Kositchotitana
Ann Kositchotitana

Working with Ranosys over the past years has yielded a technology platform that is very useful for our fashion industry. Even though we started out small, Ranosys gave us a very competent technical architect, system engineer and developers who are always willing to help and find the best possible solutions. We are glad to have Ranosys as our development partner. And we couldn’t achieve such a fast turn-around on our system development without them.

Ann Kositchotitana
Jason Coyle
CEO of Christopher Enterprise Group

Ranosys has been great. I first hired them in 2008 for a very small task and over the years have entrusted them with more and more of my core business IT development whether of software or of websites. They have done a superb job over the years and I have recommended them several times during that time. For future web/software development tasks, I would always consider Ranosys first.

Ann Kositchotitana
Chris Bourke
Partner at Devision Design

We have worked with Ranosys coming up to 4 years now [from 2008], and the service and support we receive from their team continues to exceed our expectations on very project. We are now very confident that Ranosys can manage any size project we provide. Every day we are contacted by outsourcing companies offering development services...even free work to get our projects, but we believe the service we receive from Ranosys is unmatched, and our commitment with them remains strong.

Ann Kositchotitana
Wolfgang Kovacek
CEO of Unlimited Nextwork Group Inc

Working with Ranosys has been a very exciting experience. I can rely on this team and Ranosys has proven to me that you are able and willing to go beyond what you would expect from a contractor. I do not see Ranosys as a contracting outsourcing relationship in Singapore or India, I see you and value you as family close by (thank you Skype) and it brings me joy to speak and work together with you. I wish you the very best and pray that you will be very successful in these coming years. I hope we will do many more exciting projects together.

Ann Kositchotitana
Jason Pickholz
CEO of LawyerOwl LLC

It has been a pleasure working with Ranosys on the creation and launch of the website. Everyone at Ranosys was easy to work with, professional, and responsive to our needs. Often Ranosys suggested creative enhancements or improvements that we had not considered before. The difference in time zones and location never became an issue, as the Ranosys team always responded to our e-mails promptly and routinely accommodated our requests for conference calls within 24 hours or less. We look forward to continuing to work with the Ranosys Team as grows, and recommend them with confidence to anyone considering developing or redesigning their web site.

Ann Kositchotitana
Christine Davies
Director of Marketing, Causal Capital

We have had a wonderful experience working with Ranosys on the development and launch of our website After many setbacks with other web developers, we were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and methodical approach provided by Ranosys. Our company had a limited timeframe of 4 weeks for build of our site, as the launch date was set for end January 2015. The Ranosys approach to our strict time frame, and their responsiveness to e-mails with routinely timed communications, ensured that our goals were achieved and expectations met. We will be using Ranosys for any future web development tasks required. I would thoroughly recommend anyone wanting to build or redesign their website, consider using Ranosys as a first option.

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