Testing & QA Services
Testing & QA Services

Our Quality Assurance Services Enhance the Client’s Credibility

Ranosys, a leading professional testing service provider in Singapore, provides quality software testing services to the USA, UK, and global clients. We understand the business of the clients and provide context-driven and quality software testing services to help them gain a competitive edge. Our experienced team can help you test the functional and non-functional aspects of the system. We leverage our expertise in the testing domain to help you discover potential issues that matter the most to your stakeholders. We have worked with the organisations of various sizes and have delivered testing services in both waterfall and agile context.

Our Values

In our testing engagements, we take pride in:

We take pride in suspending assumptions and rely on questioning to seek clarifications.

Identifying and following the right practices that are best suited in your context.

Reporting with clarity, transparency, and courage.

Automating the knowns and exploring the unknown.

Collaborating with the right stakeholders to discover what matters the most.

Delivering quality services with consistency.

Our motto is to deliver high-quality testing services that can help you make the right decisions. At Ranosys, the projects are delivered by the competent people who work with integrity, collaborate with the right stakeholders, and report in a transparent and useful manner.


Our Core Testing Services

Functional Testing

At Ranosys, we firmly believe that understanding the needs of your stakeholders and ensuring that their needs are met with the system you are delivering; under the context in which they operate, is of utmost importance. Our services can be used to identify critical functional and UX related defects as early as possible in the development cycle. Our teams are well-versed in the various aspects of the agile and can play the role of a quality champion for your team.


Non-functional Testing

Non-functional testing at Ranosys can help you uncover critical issues that can impact your stakeholders and users. Whether you want to find the impact of your application on the battery life of the mobile devices or discover the source of the performance bottleneck or uncover security risk, or ensure compatibility of your application on various configurations, we can help. For our non-functional testing engagement, we would work with you to identify which non-functional factors are important for you and your stakeholders and tailor our services accordingly.


Automated Testing

At Ranosys, we firmly believe that the quality of the test automation code is as important as the production code. We follow the design patterns such as page-object model and use principles such as DRY, YAGNI, and KISS for every project. Our engineers are experts in the industry leading tools such as WebDriver, Appium, and can use the language of your choice for the automation. We also believe that reliability of the automated tests is of utmost importance and ensure that our automated tests are included in the dev’s build pipeline.


What We Test

Mobile Apps

Whether you are worried about the performance of your app with the poor network, rendering on thousands of possible configurations, interaction with various gestures, or impact of external factors, we can cover it all. At Ranosys, we have built the expertise in testing mobile apps on all the platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.


Web Applications

Despite the rise of mobile as a platform, web is still the biggest platform. As a business, it is paramount for you to ensure that your application behaves on the web as expected. However, with the constant upgrades from the browser, new frameworks for the application development, and complexity of the cloud infrastructure - testing web applications should be left to the experts. At Ranosys, we work with you to define which features and configurations are important for you and ensure that your users have the best possible experience on your web application.



APIs are the backbone of any system. Whether it is a web application or a mobile application, it is often powered by an API. At Ranosys, we focus on three main aspects, functionality, consumability, and maintainability for any API that is used by your application. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques for the APIs to test and automate the testing of APIs to ensure that your mobile and web applications can be served reliably.


Connected Devices - Internet of Things

At Ranosys, we have focussed on building the expertise in the testing domain and that expertise can be used for testing connected devices as well. For connected devices, we focus on the usability, reliability, security, compatibility, and performance of the devices along with testing the data that these devices send on the servers and intelligence built on that. Whether it is testing devices in isolation or as part of a larger system, you can rely on Ranosys for the quality of the same.


Bots, AI, or Machine Learning

Ranosys takes pride in our ability to test the new forms of interactions. We can test interactions with these systems on various platforms such as Facebook Messenger using various input mechanisms such as text or voice. For testing ML powered applications, we focus on testing that algorithm gives the right response along with testing the data that power those algorithms. Engineers at Ranosys are well-versed in languages such as Python and can work with you to ensure that your bots and other systems powered by the AI / ML behave as expected.


Testing Tools Used By Ranosys

At Ranosys, the biggest tool we rely on is our brain. We believe that good testing is an investigative activity and we use tools such as notes, checklists, mind maps along with other tools that can help us with the investigation, automation, or the management of the testing process.