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Atreya EMR iPhone application gets into the Apple Store.


A medical utility iPhone app for Atreya EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system is now available at Apple Store. This system is for one of Ranosys clients and is in use by clinics worldwide for clinic management records purposes. Now, with the iPhone app, doctors of those clinics can simply check patient records, their appointments etc. anytime on their iPhones/ iPads. Ranosys has designed and developed this app bearing end users in mind and rejoices the approval by Apple for this app.

Vision enabler - Shimla Conclave

Vision enabler - Shimla Conclave


Futuristic! Ranosys has organized a rare summit that materialized in the beautiful town of Shimla, a hill-station in Himachal Pradesh, India. Where planning, targeting, and retrospection has remained part of regular strategies to grow and remain competitive, this conclave lent a new dimension to the management team of Ranosys.
Seeing far-and-beyond and enabling to create a vision for all participants was the key objective, that remains well attained. In the ‘queen of the hills’, the team could unwind; take it a step further, look outward and see a future path and direction clearer together. The participants were members and sponsors of Ranosys Project Review Board, Technology Review Board and Quality Review Board.
The discussions, debates, brain-storming sessions and informal yet informative presentations organized in the three-day conclave is indeed providing inspiration from across the industry stories to strategize very well and achieve the growth envisioned. It has been an awesome gathering this late winter that wasn’t chilly, yet needed warmth and energy bundles to keep one actively engaged.
Shimla proved to be the perfect location for this subtle yet important summit to come up afresh and bold. Such conclaves, or other management workshops that Ranosys organizes frequently re-energizes the team and vitalizes its roots.

We are a Family – RanoFest 2013

We are a Family – RanoFest 2013


The eventful Sunday of the 15th of December 2013 saw the amalgamation of two very important facets of the lives of each member of the Ranosys family. A rendezvous, where Ranosys extended a warm welcome to the families of each employee.
The theme of the family day event being “Good to great” subtly emphasized the ambitions harbored in the hearts of each member of the family.
Where the star-studded evening glistened with numerous dance performances with their foot-tapping numbers and the fashion show did not fail to impress, the air was an instrument to the dulcet songs sung by the enthusiasts. The evening was a spectacle, with some emerging the undisputed winners of the lucky draw. Quenching the thirst to reach out, the evening ended with a mouth-watering spread at dinner. 
It remained a day which celebrated its onlookers and their families, silently reminding them of the journey ahead, the journey towards excellence in all aspects of existence, a journey from the pleasant good to the journey named great. It reminded all how uniquely, lovingly – Ranosys is a family!

A rocking TEAM - in team building

A rocking TEAM - in team building


It was this day, the 14th of December when Bikaner served as the confluence of the three tributaries of Ranosys, joining in full force and gusto to become one.
On this miraculous day, the much-awaited Ranosys Team Building event came to life. It was the day when each member discovered the unchartered dimensions to his own personality. The sole purpose of this team building was bridging any gap among remotely located team members and providing an informal platform to intermingle with the members of the family.
The day was embarked with an infectious enthusiasm and a plethora of team games lined up to break the ice and pave the way towards unison in all respects. All team members readily teamed up and exhibited esprit de corps, by coordinating in their respective teams of the day. The teams established their identities by unanimously coming up with team names, slogans and their own team flags. Where games like taboo saw the eloquence take the winning trophy, the resourcefulness of the employees took the spoils in the questionnaire handed over to them. On one hand, the super-alert-minded identified members across the 3 offices in a game named- “Who am I?“, the high-logical-analytical ones, won the “Situation analysis” game.
 “United we stand, divided we fall”, this very idea was embodied when in one game, members of their respective teams, were tied up, and asked to collect items of their team colors, sprawled across the ground.
Righty named, Team Building, the day ended with such zeal and positivity, and feeling of “One for all and all for one”, which still echoes in the personality of each attendee.
Lessons learnt in the most untraditional ways, each member parted changed, with the quiet satisfaction, the joy and mirth, of truly being a part of this one-big family- our Ranosys family.


Ranosys Technologies is now a member of ASME Singapore


Ranosys Technologies has become the member of the very prestigious, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME). It is a non-profit organization established in 1986 for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. With this association we aim to enhance our business knowledge and market opportunities as well as to project our brilliance in development, services and delivery. The membership with ASME would definitely help Ranosys to be in the cutting edge and latest technology world for developing effective products and services as it always has been. With all our efforts and achievements thus far, coupled with this membership, we are excited about the growth we would achieve in the near future.

Ranosys Technologies achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Ranosys is ISO 9001:2008 certified now. It is a company-wide important milestone indeed. This moment of pride and pleasure comes as an assurance towards the continuity of the mutual trust, and growth of the relationship between the company and its partners - clients, vendors and employees. This certification for the standardization recognizes Company's policies, processes, strategies, service delivery, and operational areas. Ranosys believes that its team has worked together hard to attain this and celebrate the moment. Due credit goes to the clients and partners for trusting Ranosys as their solution provider.

Ranosys celebrates its annual event 'Ranofest 2011' on 26-Nov-2011


The evening of 26-Nov-2011, at Vasant Vihar, saw the entire Ranosys family come along together to celebrate its annual event 'Ranofest 2011'.


The fun filled event lasted beyond midnight and gave an opportunity to all the members to bring along their families. They not only only interacted with those associated with Ranosys in different capacities, but also mingled with some of the highly known figures of Bikaner, invited as guests. The underlying theme being 'Thanksgiving', it was the time when everyone stood together and offered a sense of gratitude to those who have supported Ranosys Technologies right through its establishment days. It was also time to celebrate the achievemnts that came along during the past one year.


The event thrill and fun can be felt here: