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Mobile Solutions

The world has mobilized with a very high pace with the mobile/ wireless industry having gone through an intensive progressive phase. Impelled by greater competition and a need for a growing next-generation technology on mobiles/ gadgets, we strive to keep up and provide the desired to our clients. Mobile apps and sites are no longer options, rather have become imperative.


While most businesses have already taken a leap and advanced in tapping on the mobile technology and its benefits, for those beginning now, how-to-start remains an important decision in going mobile and reaching out to their customers. There can be different approaches in going mobile, i.e. native apps, HTML 5 mobile sites and hybrid mobile apps. All have their own benefits and advantages over each other and the approach needs to be thoroughly chosen bearing in mind the target audience and market itself. Together with development services, Ranosys also consults its clients in helping them decide what would suit best to their business by sharing the experience, as well as enlightening on mobile technology trends and future scope.


We carry in-depth understanding and expertise in native mobile apps, HTML5 mobile development and Hybrid mobile apps and their development in all popular platforms. We have successfully launched multiple mobile apps in different domains including healthcare, telecom, enterprise & resource planning and corporate services. Confident in developing usable mobile solutions for different platforms, we bring quality and cost-effectiveness to you as added benefits.


We deliver mobile apps and developments in all key mobile platforms including:


  • iPhone/ iPad applications
  • Android applications
  • Windows mobile applications
  • Blackberry applications


Mobile applications today come with enhanced flexibility, scalability power, reliability, security and integration with other applications. As imperative it is to go mobile, it is equally challenging with evolving mobile trends and consumer expectations with mobile user experience. We address all your concerns and work together with you in delivering what works best for you.