Corporate Social Responsibility
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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible organization, Ranosys strives to conduct all business activities in an ethical manner and ensures fair competition with the competitors. Excellence, fairness, and transparency reflect our culture. We work in compliance with federal, local, state, and international laws. Integrity, truthfulness, and honesty are assured in all communications.

It is said, “Charity begins at home.” We focus on treating our employees right as they are our most valuable assets. We provide a friendly work environment and engage in open and flexible communication with employees. We trust our employees and involve them in business decisions. At the same time, we set high standards of behavior for all employees.

Ranosys believes in contributing and sharing with the society what it has gained over the years. We actively participate in movements that bring about changes for a more balanced and empowered world and take various initiatives towards the betterment of the society. We regularly partner with NGOs to undertake social projects such as awareness campaigns, donations, engagement activities, etc.

As a part of 6th Foundation Anniversary celebration, Ranosys, in collaboration with an NGO - Umeed, undertook the ‘Wish Tree’ campaign at Jaipur office. Wishes made by underprivileged children were attached to the Wish Tree, which the employees could volunteer to fulfill. The Wish Tree campaign generated immense interest among employees and gave them an opportunity to engage with the children, spreading cheer all around.

Why Ranosys

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    • 8 Years of Industry Experience
    • Domain Experts in Multiple Verticals
    • Certified and Professional Scrum Masters
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    • Expert Consultant for SMEs IT Solutions